5 Healthy Foods We Thought We Hated But Now Love: Part 2

Healthy organic vegetables and fruits as backgroundYou’d think that someone who blogs about food would have a pretty extensive palate — and I do — but I’m not exactly Andrew Zimmern either. I mean, I’ll definitely give most normal foods a try, but there are still those that make my gag reflex go into overdrive. Raw oysters hold the No. 1 position of honor (and I have my doubts they will ever be dethroned) but over time, my list has dwindled.
As I posted last year, bad food memories are usually the result of a less than stellar childhood experience with said food, and since we are all works in progress, it’s high time to give some of those dreaded nasties another try.
I did and I can proudly say I no longer hate:


Credit: La Grande Farmers’ Market, Flickr

A little disguised in an egg roll was never a problem. A big fat serving of sauerkraut? Big fat problem. No amount of creamy coleslaw dressing or fermentation could disguise cabbage’s bitter flavor, so for years I just didn’t bother.
However, when the price on the usual lettuce/spinach/kale offerings at my grocers continued their upward increase, I went in search of a less expensive alternative and came home with a head of a more budget-friendly vegetable.
Ina Garten’s simple sautéed cabbage received rave reviews (even from my cabbage-hating comrades) and required minimal ingredients, so I figured I really didn’t have much to lose.
Later that evening the house fairly reeked, but it was worth it. A side dish of buttery, warm cabbage was veggie perfection with grilled pork chops. Two of us chowed down an entire head, but with approximately 17 calories per half-cup (well, before adding the other ingredients, anyway) it hardly mattered.
I now stink up the house on a regular basis.

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