Baby’s First Surgery: More Scary for Mama!


Surgery for little ones is scarier for the parents than the baby!

Surgery is scary. Entering that unknown territory and completely trusting your life in someone else’s hands is also scary. Trusting my little mister’s life to someone else was the hardest, most emotional experience of my life as a mama. Medicine has evolved over many, many, MANY years. It is a closely monitored and researched area. I believe in Western medicine, and I trust the individuals who study it. Yet I still get nervous at the concept of trusting my life to someone else.

Before I discuss my experience, I want to let you know: everything was successful and Evan is on a quick road to recovery! While the procedure is common and done in-office for adults, it’s a different routine for kiddos. Anesthesia was the scariest concept to me. I almost feel guilty discussing this as I am aware of how common and simple Evan’s procedure was while there are so many children dealing with more serious surgical realities. Do not mistake this blog for a sympathy read, today’s experience made me recognize many moms will experience this, and I hope to offer some comfort.

The anesthesiologist was so thorough and so detailed in his explanation, I understood his every move in the operating room. I knew what would happen from the time they took Evan from my arms to the time he would be finishing his stay in recovery. The CRNA was just as forthcoming with information. She let me know what her role will be during the procedure and how she fit into Evan’s team of professionals. She melted my heart by letting me know she would be cradling and snuggling Evan with a warm blanket while the anesthesia was administered through the mask. To know my child would be treated like a child and to fit his needs rather than treat him like another case file was very reassuring.

The waiting room is awkward. Each of the individuals are waiting for the person there for surgery to go into the recovery rooms. It’s quiet and calm and every once in a while each of us looks up, glances around the room and at each other, then continues to go about our individual business. We all look up each time a nurse comes out to call a name. I may speak for myself when I say how jealous I was that it wasn’t my name called. I was in the waiting room for an hour — it was the longest hour I can remember. Although the staff updated me constantly, nothing is as good as seeing my mister being a strong boy with my own eyes.

Then he called my name! The nurse came in, and he called MY name! I ran forward to follow him until I realized I had a chair full of personal items to collect! My husband and I couldn’t get back there soon enough; I can guarantee the nurse saw how anxious we were since he was walking much quicker than we saw with his other patients’ families. It felt like slow motion and the song “Reunited” played in my head. He was woozy and completely out of it, but kept his eyes on me as soon as I entered his room. It’s these moments I am reminded of how lucky I am and how sweet it is to be his mama.

My day was spent in bed under many blankets snuggling. He held my hand and slept off that anesthesia like a champ. Since he was unable to make important life decisions or operate any motor vehicles or machines, I figured a day snuggling was the best option!

Nothing is more perfect then snuggles, even if it takes a rough day to make it happen. What was your first kiddos experience with anesthesia? —Jennifer

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  1. Ashleigh says:

    Thank you for sharing your experience! I am currently due with my first child any day now, and he’s been diagnosed with a heart problem that will require 3 open heart surgeries by the time he’s 4. It’s sometimes very scary to think about, but is always comforting to know that other moms are experiencing the same feelings every day & making it through it somehow! I’ll be praying for a quick recovery for Evan. Enjoy your snuggles!!