Beauty Products That Can Please Both Genders!

It’s Fit Bottomed Dudes‘ week over on Fit Bottomed Girls, and I knew I had to share this review of all-natural unisex beauty products with everyone over here. If your shower is overrun by squirty bath toys and you need to pair down your shampoo collection to make room, these products just might make you and your hubby happy and give you a little extra storage room for that fancy bath toy your kids had to have!

My shower is stuffed with beauty and hair products — and my medicine cabinet and drawer are totally filled with them, too. There’s men’s aftershave, shampoos and conditioners for all types of hair situations, lip balms, face washes, detanglers, gels, face washes, and just, well, everything. Who can feel me on this?

I’ll admit, most of them are mine — not my husband’s. So when I got a pitch to try The Gnarly Whale, a line of all-natural and vegan beauty products that are designed for men and women, I immediately thought: Hey, that would be fun for Fit Bottomed Dudes’ Week! Because not only am I looking to sub out a lot of our usual beauty products with more natural versions but also the idea of unisex beauty products that we BOTH can use and love is super appealing. Less clutter and less stuff around, which equals more space. Yay!


The Gnarly Whale Lip Balms Review

For The Gnarly Whale lip balms ($3.50), he wasn’t a huge fan, but then again, Ryan probably “needs” lip balm once or twice a year, so this wasn’t a huge surprise. I, on the other hand, am a bit of a lip-balm addict, and I really, really liked the Champagne flavor. Made from scratch with simple ingredients like coconut oil, mango butter and grapefruit seed extra, they’re super moisturizing and give just a tiny bit of sheen when on. I also tried the Pumpkin Cheesecake flavor — way too sweet and fruity for me, but if you’re into beauty products that smell good enough to eat, you will love it.

The Gnarly Whale Face & Body Scrubs Review

Made for the face and the body, we both found the exfoliating sugar scrubs ($10) to be totally refreshing — especially the Peppermint scrub. Made of actual sugar, olive oil, organic blue agave and essential oils, these have actual big grains of sugar that help you smooth out rough or dry skin. Dye- and fragrance-free, we both found that these were gentle on the skin (as long as you didn’t rub too hard) but were still tough enough to really clear pores and shed dead skin. I probably use this one more than Ryan, but he tries to use either the Peppermint or the Lemongrass on his face at least once a week or so to deep clean. Also, since there is sugar in these, they actually are sweet — I know because apparently I can’t do a scrub on my face without trying to eat it.

Head on over to Fit Bottomed Girls to find out if the Gnarly Whale shampoo and hair products did the trick! —Jenn

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