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Color Matters! Eat Red

If I had to be a color, I’d definitely want to be red. Red is hot, sexy and daring. It’s the color that symbolizes love and courage. It is warm and positive and downright energizing. Red’s the consummate power color.
So when asked to wax poetic about my favorite color for fruits and veggies for Eat the Rainbow Week, you know I’ve just gotta go red!
No wimpy pale yellow or rarely seen in nature blue is gonna cut it. Give me that heart disease- and cancer-preventing, cell-renewing, vitamin C-filled wonder color — red. From a pretty-in-pink grapefruit to those scarlet beets and cranberries, the crimson-colored fruits and veggies have got it going on.
Tomatoes and watermelon have pretty much cornered the market on cancer-fighting lycopene, and if we’re talking health-boosting anthocyanins, well, bring on the berries, cherries, apples and grapes.
Green is good (in a backup singer type of way), but the star of the show, more often than not is red. (There is a reason they call it the side salad).
What color makes a dish pop? Red. Imagine brightly colored berries peaking out of a golden brown muffin, or a handful of ruby red pomegranate seeds artfully tossed across a wilted kale salad. Who gets all the attention? Exciting, flamboyant, red!
It’s the ultimate party color. We bob for apples. We stomp grapes for wine. Holy moly, don’t even get me started on the benefits of red wine!
The psychology of red is undeniable. In sports, teams wearing red win more often.
It is the symbol of life and courage. It’s the attention-getter. Wear that vibrant hue and stand out in a crowd.
Yes, all the colors of the rainbow are important, but you’ve got to admit, mine is the most fun. Paint the town red and, while you’re at it, paint your diet healthy! Empower yourself with red fruits and veggies. The end.
Cast your vote for your favorite red fruit or veggie! —Karen

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