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How’s That ‘Everything in Moderation’ Working Out for You?

It’s an FBG blog takeover! For Fit Bottomed Dudes’ Week each of the FBG’s husbands are taking over his wife’s blog for a post on, well, anything they’d like. Today, Jared takes over Kristen’s blog with an update on how the “everything in moderation” plan he implemented a couple of years ago is going with all the traveling he does for work. Let the dudeness begin!

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Moderation is definitely the name of the game around here, and it’s working out pretty well.

A couple years ago for Fit Bottomed Dude’s Week, I let you all in on some of my secrets for staying slim while on the road. Well I am back to update you on what has continued to work and anything new I have picked up along the way.

In the past while on the road I tried to watch what I ate and work out a little more than I had in the past. Well as you may or may not be aware as we get older, it gets harder and harder to keep our healthy weight (shocker!)

Most of the past tips have been hugely successful. Researching menus via Yelp (one of my favorite apps ever) to find healthier, lower calorie meals before heading to the restaurants has helped me find awesome eats at my favorite restaurants. I found that once you replace the French fries with vegetables, you save tons of calories and add lots of vitamins.

Lowering my beer consumption has also helped (even if I’m still not all that happy about it). The biggest difficulty here is that it’s never the low calorie light beers that I enjoy. I love the super hoppy, dark, or full-flavored beers (think Bell’s Two-Hearted, Stone Ruination, or Sierra Nevada Pale Ale). These tend to be higher in calories than light beer, so losing just a beer or two with dinner has definitely been a big help.

Moderation on meal size has been a challenge. Now and again while perusing restaurant menus online (with calorie concerns in mind) they fail to mention how much food you get. When I look at the menu I might see, for example, that meatloaf has about 200 calories a slice. Score, right? Well, they fail to mention the fact that when the plate arrives there are five slices of meatloaf there. In these situations, I immediately divide the plate in half. I will either box the remainder up (although while traveling this is not always an option) or ignore it.

So overall my weight has remained about the same even through another two years of travel. Even though this topic is not one guys often share with other guys (although I guess I did share it with the Internet), I found that many of my coworkers and friends who also travel have been interested in how I keep from gaining weight while eating out more often than not.

It might not be too different than my plan a couple of years ago, but hey, if it works, why change? Do you use any of these tips while traveling? Got any others to share? —Jared Seymour

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