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Oh My Clean Baby: Baby Shampoo for Sensitive Skin

I LOVE the new baby smell. Similar to a new car smell, it’s fresh and unworn and feels untouched. I’ve had a tough time getting that smell back since we learned Evan has eczema; our choices have been limited, most are scent-free, and I’ve had a hard time figuring out what to use. During these harsh cold winters we have in the Midwest, eczema tends to be more prominent. It’s very important to me that I be proactive with Evan and keep him from having flare-ups. The fewer chemicals involved, the less moisture Evan will lose in his skin.

With that in mind, I’m very picky when choosing hygiene products. Let’s face it — chemicals are scary; they clog our pours and dry out our skin and hair. There are so many products on the market it’s really tough to choose what’s right and even harder to understand what each ingredient is. If it sounds like a sixth-grade science project, I tend to stay away. All I need are a few simple natural ingredients and a nice, fresh scent.

So when Oh My Devita Baby sent us its shampoo and body wash, I had high expectations. The Bubbly Babies Shampoo & Body Wash are an all-natural, vegan product that is paraben- and tear-free. (It’s okay, I had to look up what paraben was, too! In short, this fancy name is a preservative used primarily for its bactericidal and fungicidal properties. Umm … Thanks, Google?) I tested out both the Fragrance Free and Calming Calendula versions.


Evan has extremely fine hair that tends to feel dry with many shampoos. I’ve always had a tough time accepting that I wash his body with the same thing I wash his hair with. I don’t do that for myself; why do we do it for our kiddos? Typically, either it’ll work best on his hair but dry out his body or vice versa. I tested it out on my body just to make sure my sensitive skin wouldn’t break out before I used it on Evan. Silky smooth and so “new” smelling! Although I didn’t test it in my hair, it left Evan’s hair feeling oh-so soft. A nickel-size amount lathered nicely for his hair and on his body. There was no filmy residue left on his skin, and he didn’t seem irritated when it dripped down his face.

The scent is not overpowering; in fact, I didn’t really notice it until I was holding him after his bath. I definitely prefer the Calming Calendula but can also appreciate the fragrance free. My mister is an active boy who tends to have his dinner and leftover lunch in his hair. To be able to take this boy and rinse him off with a soft new smell, makes our nighttime snuggle even better. To date, Oh My Devita Baby would have to be my favorite product I’ve used on Evan, ever! I read on the box DeVita has an entire skin care line (you can find it at Target!). I’m interested in checking out the entire line for Evan and seeing if they have something for mamas, too!

Have you found a skin care line for you baby that you can’t live without? —Jennifer

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