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Review: Perk Up With Turkey Perky Jerky

I’ve shared my nostalgic love of beef jerky before. And with a name like “Perky Jerky” — especially when it’s “Turkey Perky Jerky” — I pretty much couldn’t resist trying this new high-protein snack. I mean, it’s gluten-free, nitrate-free, high in protein, good for on-the-go snacking and the name rhymes. I’m a sucker for cute names. And, you know, food I can eat without digestive probs. Yay! Plus, it’s Fit Bottomed Dudes’ Week, and what’s more dude-a-fied than dried meat?!


Perky Jerky sent us the beef and turkey (Turkey Perky Jerky!) versions of Sweet & Spicy, Teriyaki, and Hot & Bothered to chomp our teeth into. The nutritionals on them were all pretty similar. Per serving, you get  10 to 12 grams of protein, about 6 carbs (5 grams of sugar), and a little iron and calcium. The beef has 10 more calories than the turkey (Turkey Perky Jerky!) and a little more fat.


Turkey on the top, beef on the bottom.

First off, Perky Jerky is really different than any other jerky I’ve ever had. It’s … moist. Still chewy, but not nearly as chewy as the stuff you’re used to, and it’s just, well, really hydrated. It’s also incredible meaty. The pieces are thick and super hearty and filling. The texture threw me at first because it seemed weird to have moist dried jerky, but as I kept nibbling on it, I began to really like it. (And, turns out, moist jerky is pretty much exactly what the creators were going for.)
The beef is definitely richer and more of what you think of when you say “jerky.” Love how you can see the spices right there in it. No bland jerky here.
I thought I’d like the beef more, but the turkey (Turkey Perky Jerky!) was really, really good. A little lighter and sweeter. Even more moist than the beef.
And, overall, all of the flavors I tried were fun. They were definitely not boring, although all of them were a little on the sweet side . I appreciated the real flavors of jalapenos, garlic, pineapple, ginger and pepper though. You could really taste them. Hot & Bothered was my favorite (nice heat!), followed by Teriyaki (flavored with wheat-free soy sauce) and the Sweet & Spicy. Again, less sugar would have probably put me over the moon with these, but, still, they were a nice high-protein snack.
I have a big gripe with the Perky Jerky packaging though: There are two servings per container. But, the package isn’t resealable. 1) Ain’t nobody got time for that; and 2) Who can resist not just eating the whole bag? Not me, that’s who. So believe me when I say that you will have a FULL belly from a package of these. Super full!
Have you ever had a moist jerky? (Dang, that sounds dirty.) Love saying Turkey Perky Jerky (!) as much as I do? Tell me about it. —Jenn

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