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What Does Your Favorite Cereal Say About You?

Cereal is awesome, so obviously we’re pretty geeked to celebrate National Cereal Day today. It’s quick, it’s easy, it’s delicious. And, when you choose the right one, it can be pretty darn nutritious, too.
But that’s not what we’re talking about today. No, National Cereal Day calls for something a little less serious and a bit more tongue in cheek.
Like a list of popular cereals and what they say about you. This is in no way scientific or factual or anything (which, um, will be pretty obvious as you continue reading), but we think you’ll get a kick (or Kix?) out of it.


What’s your favorite crunchy start to the day? Original image credit: ramnath bhat, Flickr

Raisin Bran: You have a healthy balance in your 401(k), you’re great about calling your family just to say hi, and you could set a clock by your bowel movements. Good for you.
Froot Loops: You are thrilled that the neon colors of the 80s have returned — in fact, you’re probably wearing several bright colors right now. (Also? Spelling is not really a priority in your life.)
Cheerios: So what if it’s marketed toward babies and seniors focused on heart health? You still enjoy cartoons, and you’ve had your eye on a shiny new Rascal for at least two years.
Lucky Charms: If you haven’t already found the love of your life, you might want to see if Buddy the Elf has any siblings.
Cinnamon Toast Crunch: You have nerves of steel. Not even cannibalistic squares of cereal freak you out! What’s next for you, beef tongue?
Special K: You’re pretty serious about rocking the beachwear this summer, and there’s no better time to get on track than breakfast. (Just so you know, though, you already look fab in our opinion.)
Frosted Flakes: Aww, the doughnut shop isn’t on your way to work, is it?
Wheaties: You’re Mary Lou Retton.
Obviously there are oodles of other oats and flakes and loops and whatnot that we all love to cover with cold milk (or maybe bananas or berries … ). Any of these sound about right? Let’s hear your best additions in the comments! —Kristen

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