Yoga Tune Up: The Day I Heard A Lot of Really Funny Ball Puns

Not to pull an Oprah and sound super hippity dippity, but I truly believe the universe watches out for us. Whenever we’re getting to a scary point of sheer breakdown, ugly hot mess-ness, the universe steps in and throws us bones. Have you ever noticed that? Emotional storms of crazy hit, and then right when we’re about to check ourselves into an institution, the clouds part.

For me, the clouds parted two weeks ago when that dreadful illness left my body. I was weakened by the bug and slowly getting back into a workout groove. That’s when the good ol’ universe stepped in and sent me Kimmie from Kinesis. This woman told me about some of her amazing classes her “krew” offers. The minute she mentioned “recovery yoga,” I was in. I’m infamous for shying away from all things yoga … it’s just never really been my thing, but she sold me on the recovery/less-yoga part. I was actually eager to put on my yoga toe socks for anything and everything recovery related.

The class’ motto is “Make movement your medicine.” I couldn’t resist. They were totally speaking my language!

Workout I Did: Yoga Tune Up

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I woke up Saturday morning, ate a good breakfast and then headed to Culver City, Calif., for my day of body kindness. Thirty minutes later, I was signing paperwork and talking with Kimmie about the cool therapy balls we’d be using. (You might have heard of Yoga Tune Up before — you can do the at-home program, or, like I did, take a class.) That’s when the balls and the convenient little sack they come in became the best joke of the morning. Oh, the ball puns that woman was using during class. It was hilarious and totally loosened me up. (Laughing is very good for the sore-bodied soul.)

Humor aside, the class was effective and awesome. For one hour we used various-sized rubber balls to roll out the myofascial nastiness in our bodies. It wasn’t painful like I’m going to cry in front of a bunch of strangers painful, but it definitely wasn’t a walk in the park. We started with a stretch test to see where we stood, then we’d do some work, and then we’d test again to note any changes in our movement/range of motion, all the while laughing and joking around.

There were some definite beautiful moments where those darn balls hit just the right spot and rolled out some nasty tension — and when that would happen, my eyeballs would start rolling. It was all about the rolling! Once the class was finished I could stretch more easily and felt looser and lighter. My two favorite body feelings … swoon.

Now I’m a super fan of Kimmie, her people and her class. I swear if I lived closer I’d invest in that magic. I just loved how positive and open she and her staff were. They try new things. They have a crazy eclectic group of folks who take their classes. It’s far from an intimidating workout space and, most importantly, they get that no two bodies are the same and embrace that with modifications. I love modifications! I love people that love bodies and want to make them stronger without crazy forms of torture. I love fun classes where it’s okay to laugh and smile. For these reasons, I say Kimmie for President! Kinesis is the perfect place for folks who want to do something great for themselves, but are scared of traditional big gyms with big muscle-y neck giants. There are classes for different strokes. So if you live in the Culver City area and have been looking for a good workout family to join, I sincerely recommend walking in, talking with one of the trainers and trying some classes.

I double dog dare you to try Yoga Tune Up and then coming back to this post and sharing your experience. Ten cool points if you share a great ball pun you heard! —Tish


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  1. Hey, I have a friend who does Yoga Tune-Up (maybe there, I’m not sure) and she posts a bunch of stuff about it that makes me wish we had it where I live! I’d love to give it a shot.

  2. Yoga Tune Up is a great self-help therapy technique. I took a workshop with Jill Miller a few years to get the basics down. Since then I think balls of various diameters were incorporated into the program. Using the balls while driving an empty stretch of highway really helps to allay road fatigue on a 10+ hour drive. Obviously you have to be on the ball while being on the ball while doing 70mph.

  3. I have and use Jill Miller’s yellow Yoga Tune Up balls. I subscribed to her online workouts and like to do my own routine rather than follow a DVD. I do have several of the Yamuna DVDs and balls and love them. I still refer to two of her ball rolling books too so more a Yamuna ball rolling fan. They do work.

  4. What a great review! Thank you so much for making time in your busy schedule to check out our studio in Culver City, CA.
    We are loving seeing the benefits clients are reaping from utilizing the Yoga Tune Up® therapy balls on their own as well as during classes. It is a really solid and amazing form of self-care that can decrease pain, increase mobility and just generally make you feel better!! (Kinesis offers your first YTU® group class free when you purchase our 3/$45 new client special.)

  5. I was on my way to Zumba at the Y when I released my neck and shoulders were so stiff I could barely turn my head to drive. I ended up going to a yoga class instead. And I don’t like yoga! But after the class which was out of my comfort zone I felt much better. So glad I went to yoga instead of Zumba. I’ll try to find a Yoga Tune Up class in my area. Thanx for the review.

  6. Unfortunately there are no teachers close to me, but I would love to try Yoga Tune Up! I love me some yoga. In fact, I’m in a teacher training program right now. I know some people think it’s worthless, but I’ve benefited so much from it– my body and mind. Hopefully a teacher pops up in the Dallas area.

  7. Sounds like you had a ball! And you got your body all stretched out. Great. Will check internet and see if there’s anything like that in our place.

  8. Hey Chardae-try dropping in at Equinox in Dallas. Contact the gym and see if they offer the RX series of YTU, since most equinoxes do. I’m in the process of moving to Texas as a YTU teacher, and I know that not many areas of Texas have it!