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5 Tips to Have Healthy Skin Inside and Out

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Erin: Have you tried the Venus & Olay razor??? AMAZING.

Jenn: I KNOW. Wait until you try the Satin Care Ultra Sensitive Shave Gel. It’s darn-right life-changing.

That is, verbatim, Erin’s and my recent text conversation. Which brings us to today’s post: how to have healthy skin inside and out! Summer is fast approaching, and we know that y’all are probably thinking about shorts, swimsuits and getting out there and getting active. And, hey, what girl doesn’t want to feel good and confident in her own skin? I know Erin and I keep talking about how excited we are that the weather is warmer, that running outside feels good (and not freezing) again and how happy our skin and bodies are to get a little vitamin D!

Although Erin and I live literally a thousand-plus miles apart (her in New Jersey and me in Kansas City), we still have twin-like tendencies when it comes to our lives. So I’ll get back from a short run or walk with the dog, high on summer and ready to whip up a big ol’ salad for lunch, and I’ll get a text from her that she’s doing the exact same thing. Hey, great minds think alike!

Because there’s no better time than summer to be inspired to eat a little cleaner and fresher, move a little more, and be proud of that healthy skin and body, Erin and I recently put our noggins together for our top five tips for truly healthy skin. Check ’em out!

5 Healthy Skin Tips

1. Eat right. A healthy diet goes a long way to giving you gorgeous glowing skin. So stock up and nosh regularly on fruits and veggies that are high in antioxidants, vitamins and minerals.

2. Hydrate like a boss. Being properly hydrated is good for your entire body, including your skin. When you’re dehydrated your skin isn’t as soft or smooth. So, in order to have healthy skin, be sure to drink that H20 often, especially when you’re out in the sun or working out.

3. Find your perfect match. So many women think they have sensitive skin and are doomed to red, itchy legs for life, but it turns out they may just be using the wrong razor or using it incorrectly! That’s why it’s essential to find the right razor if you want healthy looking skin. Check out the super-cool Gillette Venus Razor Finder Quiz that’ll help you to find your very own perfect match. Clearly, Erin and I have each found our #VenusPerfectMatch, per our conversation above! Hallelujah!

And we kept going on and on about how freakin’ amazing the Gillette Venus razors and products are. Erin, who tends to have drier skin, found the Venus & Olay razor to be perfection for her. With a nice vanilla scent, no need for shave prep and moisture that goes on for days, she loved it. I, on the other hand, have been totally obsessed with the new Venus Embrace Sensitive. With a touch of aloe and a design that allows for less pressure per blade, I love how it just glides over the skin, giving you a close shave every time. And when I use it with the dye- and fragrance-free Satin Care Ultra Sensitive Shave Gel? Well, I’ve simply never had such a close shave — and I don’t think I’ve ever had one that felt as good. I had no red bumps afterwards or itchy skin, just smooth happy skin!

4. Slather on the sunscreen. Keep your skin healthy and safe from the sun’s damaging rays by always putting on sunscreen, sunglasses and a large-brimmed hat. Do this often and early for healthy skin for life!

5. Get your om on. Did you know that stress can actually make your skin more susceptible to breakouts or make it more sensitive? Keep your skin calm and happy by breaking regularly to breathe, do some yoga poses or anything that helps you find your zen!

Here’s to healthy skin all summer long! Tell us how you keep your skin healthy! And once you find your razor BFF, be sure to follow and share your #VenusPerfectMatch with Venus on Facebook, Twitter and InstagramJenn

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