Practicing What We Preach and 8 Other Takeaways from the FBG Retreat

As you know by now, we had our annual FBG planning retreat and amazing PowHer event last weekend. And while Jenn, Kristen and Tish have all recapped, I had to do my part and share a few of my lessons learned.

9 Lessons Learned at the FBG Retreat

1. There is strength in numbers. Sometimes working from home, across the country from the other FBGs can leave me feeling uninspired — like what can I possibly write about that’s new that I haven’t already said? But being around like-minded women with fresh ideas brightens my whole perspective on life. You readers should know that nothing that happens on this site is by accident — we brainstorm, we plan, we get into your minds to try to figure out what you’ll want to be reading here in the next year. We’re always listening, so let us know if you have feedback!

2. Don’t let a belly get in the way! If you missed it over on Fit Bottomed Mamas this week or didn’t detect a bit of a bump in this picture, I’m expecting my third child in September. Luckily this trip landed right in my second trimester, so I didn’t have to show the girls the nauseated side of pregnancy. Plus, my energy levels were way better than they were a month ago, so I rocked the Fusion Fly class and jumped in on a lot of the PowHer event circuits. Speaking of …

3. Women are amazing! So many women were giving the workouts their all, and it was so inspiring to see! If you’re lacking motivation, get thee to a group class and let the energy of everyone else carry you. It’s seriously uplifting and motivating to work out in an enthusiastic and super supportive setting!


So much awesomeness in this group!

4. Get outside of your comfort zone! Jenn and I preach and preach about pushing yourself out of your comfort zone. My favorite part of the PowHer event besides No. 3 was getting to try new things and seeing Jenn’s gym. Having read about some of her hardcore workouts, I was a bit intimidated, but it was so accessible and awesome — while pushing me to do new things. I’d never done slam ball (holy heart rate), wall ball or played with a slosh pipe before (er, that sounds wrong, I’ll explain in a second). With wall ball, you’re throwing a ball up onto a wall and catching it. Sounds simple enough, but it takes a lot of strength and coordination. I wisely headed over to the actual wall, instead of trying to hoist the ball up to a much-higher overhead wall. How those ladies were doing that, I do not know.


Wall ball: Harder than it looks.

Oh, hello, slosh pipe, pipe filled with water:


The slosh pipe is interesting because when the water’s centered, it’s all good. But then it slowly rushed to one end of the pipe, then the other, forcing you to work your core to keep from tipping over. So cool!

5. Compression socks for the win! After peddling like mad at the cycling class and doing step-ups and slam ball and wall ball, I was wondering how on earth I wasn’t sore. My legs aren’t used to biking 15 miles. And those step-ups should have been burning my glutes. But then, sneaky Tish says it’s the compression socks. If so, I’ll be a lifelong compression sock devotee!

6. Sleeping through the night is marvelous. ‘Nuff said.

7. Virgin Bloody Marys are tasty as hell even if they’re less of a party than the real deal. Cheers are awesome — even if it’s a mocktail!

8. Damn, people in the Midwest are nice. Seriously. I knew this being from the Midwest. But damn, I forgot how friendly people are. New Jersey can learn something!

9. Tish and I are really expressive. Just take a look …

RetreatTishErin585Thanks to my other FBGs and all of the women who came out for the PowHer event last Saturday. You all truly kicked so much butt, and we loved every minute of it! (Even the super sweaty minutes!) When we have another event, we know who we’re inviting …

Have you tried anything new lately? —Erin

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