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Reset: The Ultimate Relaxation Class for a Little ‘Me Time’

When we got an email inviting us to an L.A.-based classed called Reset, we knew we had to pass it along to Tish, who’s in the L.A. area. It sounded like the perfect place to get in a zone and reset the mind and body — perfect for a busy mom who gets no quiet time.. And we were right! Read on for Tish’s take on the class… 

Earlier this year, I was suffering what I’ve dubbed the great illness. It took over my whole life. I only mention it now because it was that illness that led to needing some serious recovery and rest after the plague lifted. I’ve mentioned before that sometimes the universe throws me a bone and sends me activities to help re-introduce me to the fitness world. Reset was one of those classes.

Michal Gregus’ Reset isn’t a typical meditation class. He uses Breath Hypnosis to guide the class. It leaves you in a restful awareness, where your mind gains clarity and your body finds deep rest while letting go of stress. According to Michal, when practiced regularly this guided deep relaxation class is designed to train your subconscious mind (using a light hypnotic state) to handle stress better without having to think about it.

I don’t know about you all, but I really suck at clearing my brain. I joke often that I suffer from monkey brain. I’m always thinking/worrying/stressing about something and telling me that I’m not doing thinking correctly only compounds the amount of stressful monkey brain I’ll experience. That’s why Michal’s class was so refreshing. He talks you through the meditations. He leads you through groups of breathing exercises. You’re allowed to think all the things, but you’ll find it a tad more difficult. He’s really good at getting you to focus on what he’s saying and asking of you. He calmly and kindly forces you to actually pause the worry and drift into something a bit more relaxing. That alone makes him magical and awesome in my book. One whole hour went by without me even realizing it.

For a complete recap of the class, head on over to Fit Bottomed Girls. And tell us: Have you ever done a class that was all about stress reduction? Sound like a good hour away from noisy kiddos? —Tish 

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