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That Half-Marathon? Maybe Next Year …

Credit: puuikibeach, Flickr

That half-marathon will still be there next year. Credit: puuikibeach, Flickr

After the Tough Mudder, I adopted my new identity as a runner. I made it a goal to run at least 5 miles every week, just to keep running in my life (because the more you run, the less miserable it is, after all!). I was planning to run a half-marathon last weekend, and we’d planned to run an event in Kansas City during our weekend FBG retreat.

That was the plan. And when half of our group for the group run backed out, I was even planning on doubling my distance to run 8 miles for our team. I was psyched! Until, in the midst of planning and rearranging our group and mileage, an extra little line popped up on a pregnancy test. Yep, this time, it wasn’t an injury that sidelined me, but the fact that I got pregnant. Jenn was the first besides my husband to know about Baby No. 3 because while I had been running 3 to 4 miles consistently and planned to continue to do so during pregnancy, I figured now was not the time to push myself to new distances.

I kept up my running until I was crippled by exhaustion and napping started to take priority over exercise. (Have I seemed boring lately? That’s why!) Once my energy came back, I continued jogging — albeit more slowly than the pace I’d been running and for shorter distances. I’m definitely taking it easier and not adding distance. Heck, I’m lucky if I hit a mile at a snail’s pace, so I’ve been mixing up the cardio with the stair stepper and the bike and circuit training.

So now I’m planning a year out. I’m thinking that I’ll try to run the same half-marathon next year. That’ll give me time to have my September baby, recover, slowly ease back into running, and then start tackling distance. I have a feeling that my biggest hurdle won’t be my ankles or knees — it’ll be juggling training for distance with three kiddos. Should be interesting!

Anyone else had to push an event because of pregnancy? (Pun!) Been sidelined before a big race? —Erin

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