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The Perfect Pouch for Toddler Snacks

If you haven’t noticed through my previous posts, I’m a big planner. For me, having a plan from toddler snacks to activities helps me keep my family’s life from reaching a scary place of chaos. I plan big and small, from birthday parties with more than 100 guests to a quick grab-and-go snack for Evan for my trip to the post office. Convenience comes from planning, not just from McDonald’s. I like convenience, but I also like keeping things budget-friendly. Fit Bottomed Mamas recently had the opportunity to try Booginhead’s Squeez’Ems reusable food pouches — a perfect product for the snack planner — and boy, did I enjoy every opportunity I had with it!


I’ve used this several different ways: in the fridge, freezer and room temperature. I froze one of my vegetable medleys, and kept applesauce in the fridge. The vegetables took quite awhile to defrost but when they did, they returned right to the same consistency as before they were frozen. The seal on the pouches really impressed me; it kept the moisture in and kept the food from getting freezer burn in the freezer. And although the pouches aren’t insulated, the applesauce kept cold for quite a while, similar to those purchased in store.

I also used the pouch for serving yogurt. I spooned some Greek yogurt into the pouch, and Evan had no problem retrieving it. I’ve come to rely on it as a time-saver — yogurt can be messy and Evan often needs assistance with eating it. As I was food-prepping, I realized, this is another one of those “making your environment work for you” scenarios!

I also really appreciate the lid being attached to the pouch. Too many times I lose the small tops that store-bought snack packs come with. I also get nervous that my mister will swallow the lid, and no one likes those type of surprises! He didn’t show any struggles sucking the food through either. It is a bit more difficult getting the food from the bottom, but I found if I rolled it up like you would the end of a tube of toothpaste, it helped him out. The mouth piece is just the right size and so is the pouch. It’s a bit larger than most store bought ones, and for me that’s PERFECT because my mister has a large appetite. Much like Evan, I’m sad when his snack is over!


How happy is this face testing his Squeez’Ems?

Refill and cleanup are also breeze! Mixing warm water and soap then giving it a few good shakes and one rinse did the job! For refilling, I tried a few techniques. The easiest is to put your food mixture into a measuring cup and pour it in. Spooning took way too long! The opening is large enough so you don’t have to worry about a funnel-and-pour situation. Easy, just the way mamas need these small but necessary jobs to be!

I’d love to have about  eight to 12 of these packs to keep on hand. It’s a fantastic investment and helps me support giving Evan yummy fresh ingredients. I’m adding this to my must-haves list! I’d love to leave two in the fridge and the rest in the freezer and keep circulating them. Remember: prep and plan is the secret to success!

Have you ever used a reusable food pouch? Love ’em as much as we do? —Jennifer

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