YaffBar: A Snack for You and Your Pup on the Go!

We humans are awfully close with our pets. We work out together, we sleep together, we vacation together, and, yes, now we can snack together! That’s right, YaffBar was designed for you to share — with your dog.


Made from all-natural ingredients, YaffBars have protein and fiber — and they’re totally pet friendly with no wheat, no dairy, no caffeine and no refined sugar. So when you’re out and about and need a snack from that awesome hike or long walk, you can share it with your furry BFF.

Of, course, I had to try these with Siena for Fit Bottomed Pets Week. And so we did — and got video to capture the moment!

Would you share a snack like YaffBar with your pet? —Jenn


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  1. Jenn, thank you so much from all of us at Mudd+Wyeth. We really loved the video and of course your pup! Creating the YaffBars has been a fantastic opportunity that we are really proud of.

    Sincerely Mark