‘You Must Be Pregnant!’

If you haven’t met Tish before, you’re missing out. She writes regularly over on Fit Bottomed Girls, and after getting married recently has been dealing with lots of speculation as to whether she’s pregnant. For the record: She’s not! Today she discusses the annoyance that is everyone saying, “You must be pregnant!” every time she complains of a twitch.


Tish, imbibing on some wine. Because she’s NOT PREGNANT.

Oh. My. Words.

Something weird happens the minute you say “I do” and become one half of a married couple. People stop seeing you and start seeing a vessel for future babies. A heightened sensitivity arises and no matter what you say or do, baby theories will abound. Heck, we had people asking us about our future children at the wedding. There was even a speech that included wishes for future babies.

I was actually prepared for the wedding/honeymoon baby talk, but I wasn’t prepared for the talk to keep going and even grow in spirit. Back in February, I contracted a horrific stomach virus (that did not involve throwing up, if you catch my drift) but that tiny fact didn’t stop everyone from assuming I was experiencing morning sickness. It didn’t matter that I wasn’t throwing up and was opening up that I was in fact experiencing mass exodus rounds from the opposite end; I was knocked up and apparently in denial or attempting to be sneaky about being knocked up.

What is that about? Is this the reason why women don’t share when they start trying with people or even that they want children at all? Why is there this crazy push for babies? What if I didn’t want children or couldn’t have children? I wish those were the questions folks would consider before asking me the baby question. I was sick as a dog, but having to muster the energy to ward off the baby assumptions. Talk about butt twitches!

So just for the record, my sore elbow, diarrhea, hiccups, zits and other physical ailments that may arise do not entail embryo activity. Sincerely, your friendly so-not-pregnant fit bottomed friend.

Who else feels me on this?! —Tish

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  1. Tiffany says:

    Tish, I SOOO feel you! We too, got questions about babies during our wedding reception. I was appalled that people would be so rude – why couldn’t we just enjoy the day for what it was? I have a friend who’s getting married in July, and people are already asking her about babies! I’ve never understood the pushiness, but I promise I’ll never be the one to ask someone else. We’ve tried to have kids (with varying levels of intensity, but never any success) for the last 7 years. I’ve had to figure out a tactful way to say, “no, we don’t have kids, yes we want them, but there’s a good chance it’s never going to happen for us. Yes, we’ve considered adoption and OMG do I really have to talk about such personal things when we’ve only just met?!” It’s an awkward question to answer when you’re trying, and when you’re not, if you want kids, or if you don’t. Honestly, it’s an intensely personal question, why do people seem to think they belong so deep in our business? I say we start a campaign to end people’s god-awful nosy-ness!

  2. Tish says:

    Dear Lord Tiffany I feel for you. We should start a club…and produce t shirts that say “Nosy questions will get you slapped.” It really does make me kind of stabby. lol