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6 Secrets to Great Newborn Photos

Have you ever seen the Pinterest Fails images of parents trying to recreate professional newborn photos with disastrous results? If you haven’t it’s worth a click. I’m not about to make fun of those who aspire for greatness only to fail — I’m one of them if you remember my train cake.

So if you’ve ever tried to snap photos of your newborn only to have them turn out subpar, you’re not alone. Which is why we’re sharing newborn photographers Keri Meyers’ and Jennifer Blakeley’s tips for great newborn photos. They’re experts at soothing, rocking and safely bending newborn babies into the perfect poses you see — they created NewbornPhotography.com to bring newborn photographers and new parents together. The site’s a great resource for newborn photography tips, tricks and locating a professional who has extensive experience with newborns. Here are their tips for capturing perfect newborn photos.


6 Secrets to Great Newborn Photos

1. Be patient. Babies are unpredictable and anything can happen, from screaming to pooping and everything in between. Make sure you set aside plenty of time to get the job done.

2. Feed the baby. Make sure the baby is well fed, and make sure there’s plenty of milk or formula on hand in case baby wants more.

3. Heat. Baby’s comfort is key, so be sure the space is kept warm through the process. If you’re not sweating and peeling off layers of clothing, then the baby isn’t warm enough.

4. Lighting. Be sure the direction and concentration of the light and the angles in which you are shooting are creating the proper effect.

5. White noise. Because it’s so soothing, using white noise (from a machine or phone app) is a wonderful tool to help keep the baby calm.

6. Recognize it’s a tough job. There’s only a two-week window to safely pose a newborn baby. This is a moment in time you’ll never be able to get back. To properly capture this once-in-a-lifetime experience, it’s recommended that new parents hire a professional newborn photographer.

Did you have professional photos taken of your newborn? Ever had any photo fails? —Erin

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