Gentle on Sensitive Noses: Boogie Wipes and Saline Spray

Sensitive skin like my son’s can be a daily science project. It’s always trial and error — more like wincing and crossing fingers waiting on a reaction. Even nose blowing can be troubling. It was no shock to me to learn that Evan has really sensitive skin, especially considering I bruise with just a light flick of a finger. Each runny nose is followed by redness, which turns into dry skin, which is shortly followed by blood. The poor little mister cannot avoid it.

I’ve tried buying expensive brand Kleenex and even started using a wet wash cloth when we are at home to wipe his nose and face. For on-the-go, I was thrilled when the folks at Boogie Wipes sent us their wipes and saline spray to try. The wipes are great — super soft with a fresh scent, and most importantly, they don’t leave a greasy residue after. Plus, they have just the right amount of moisture to clean a sad nose.


I tried the saline spray in my nose first before Evan. I wanted to see what it felt like first. I’m not a fan of nasal sprays in general, but I have to admit this didn’t bother me; it felt refreshing! It took some getting used to for Evan. He’s still working on his last three molars coming through, so this spray at night has really been beneficial considering his runny nose tends to back up. A little mama tip when dealing with a saline spray and kids? I sprayed it on his hands first. This way, he could feel the moisture and understand that it wasn’t going to hurt. Then he could smell his hands, and we could talk about what it smells like.

It can seem silly to buy a special wipe for a kids nose, but any mom who has dealt with a week-long runny nose knows that gentler is better when it comes to wipes. The Boogie Wipes fit the bill — and now we do a boogie dance before catching the runny nose.

Do you have any products you regularly use for the sniffles of toddlerhood? —Jennifer

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  1. Amanda H says:

    We rely on Boogie Wipes in our house throughout the day. If our child has a runny/stuffed nose, we’ll use a saline spray and then the awesome nose suction we were given at the hospital (we still use it even though our child is 2.5!).