5 Best New Workout DVD Programs


We’re big, big fans of workout DVDs. But, truth be told, sometimes even our fave workout DVDs get stale sometimes. I mean, when you can pretty much recite them word-for-word, it’s probably time look for something new to change up your workout (for your sanity and for best results!). And lately, we’ve been digging on these five — very different — workout DVD programs, hard. You probably already know about the good ol’ standbys like P90X, Insanity and TurboFire, but if you’re looking for a new workout challenge that’ll last you at least a few weeks with lots of variety and a solid plan to follow, check ’em out!


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  1. just a heads if bought from a coach or directly from BB the 21 day fix is cheaper than buying it from amazon.. 59.85 vs 72.80

  2. I love my Jillian Michaels Body Revolution. I lost 35 lbs on it in 12 weeks. I heard on her podcast she is working on a follow up system 🙂

  3. Order from a coach get the free fitness help and save $$. The shipping isn’t $12.95 like on amazon or Beachbody.com directly. And I’m a coach and I did it without the shakeology and the results are just as great.

  4. This review was great! I am currently 3 weeks into Baladea and love it. I also loved Les Mills Combat from Beach Body.

  5. Thanks for the great reviews. I bought baladea and absolutely love it! After 4 weeks of using it I’ve dropped 17 pounds. Just WOW! Thanks for sharing this!!

  6. Thanks Jenn for a great post!

    I ordered the baladea system and absolutely love it! Just as you said, the quality is amazing and it delivers great weight loss results!

    Fyi, if you are interested in trying it yourself, I used coupon code USA10 to get 10% off 🙂