ClassPass: A Clever Fitness Idea for Folks Who Need the New

I don’t know about you, but if I don’t switch up my workouts every couple of weeks I get super-duper bored and start to check out. I know I’m not alone in this instinctual need to try new things and keep my muscles guessing (aka screaming) because there’s this group called ClassPass that allows you to try different kinds of classes at  different gyms for $99 a month. They started this niftiness in New York, have since expanded to Boston and are just now starting their Los Angeles group. So if you happen to live in one of those three cities, you’re in luck! If not, don’t fret! I suspect this will start to spread into even more cities in the near future, so keep an eye out!

There are of course rules about how frequently you can attend any one class, but basically you have the opportunity to shake things up for 10 days a month with new classes. If you need the new like I do or you’re shopping for a new gym, this is a great way to explore and try different and interesting classes without the gym-membership-fee hassles.

My “new” came in the form of a cardio barre class the gals from ClassPass chose for me. I had never done a cardio barre class, so I can honestly say that they introduced me to a workout I never would have tried otherwise. We met at one of ClassPass Los Angeles’ gyms — Exhale in Hollywood (yep, this Exhale) — and got to work on burning muscles I didn’t even know existed.

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It was a super intense  class with an entertaining and motivational instructor who encouraged us to have fun. I now know why I was never a dancer. (Flexible isn’t in my body’s vocabulary … ) And although barre classes my not be my ideal workout perfect-match, I love that I was able to try one without obligation!

I appreciate the peace of mind ClassPass offers. As Nina Simone once sang, “It’s a new day. It’s a new dawn, and I’m feeling good.” I tried something new and had fun. So much fun that I think I’ll be exploring other classes ClassPass has to offer. I’m thinking this is the beginning of a beautiful hunt.

When’s the last time you tried something new? —Tish 

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  1. NO WAY! This is so amazing! I’ve literally been talking about something like this for years – there are so many amazing gyms in our city and I’ve always wanted to try all the different offerings at each, but I can’t afford to pay for all of their monthly dues! This is such a brilliant idea! I hope it spreads to us here in Baltimore! Thanks for sharing!