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Crazy Kids: Universally Messy and Making Us Laugh

My cousin Leslie is a mom to two cute boys under 3 years old. We text back and forth frequently, regaling each other of our children’s mishaps and misadventures. She makes me feel way more sane. Hearing her stories doesn’t keep my house any cleaner or make my crazy kids any more manageable, but it does make me realize that I’m not alone in the adventures of motherhood and that we’re all going through the exact same things every single day. From toys in the toilet to poop in places it shouldn’t be, kids are universally crazy and messy — and constantly making us laugh (and sometimes cry). Yep, this is her toilet:



One day she sent me a picture of her furniture, which had been rearranged in a creative fashion. And I quote: “I did get in a workout though and office work during naps. Very successful day. I have not showered or dressed in two though. Oh, well.”

Another day: “Keegan got out of the cart today and was pushing Colin super fast at the Dollar Tree. He took down two whole displays.”

And another: “I did go to the doctor Wednesday… So I had them in a double stroller, and they were being normal. Not bad. I was trying to feed Colin a bottle. Keegan was escaping seat. Male nurse asked me if I was ‘overwhelmed.’ I was like ‘Um, no, this is normal.'”

Another time, her husband was out of town and she woke in the middle of the night to a toy going off in her basement. After the debate of whether to ignore it or go check it out, she decided to let the battery just run out — only it didn’t, it just got louder and scarier. So then she had to hunt down a screwdriver to get the battery out, in the middle of the night. I’m not sure why toys decide to run out of batteries and go crazy and demon-style in the overnight hours, but I’ve found it to always be the case, too. It’s like they’re trying to terrify you in their last gasps of battery life.

This is my personal favorite though. Here’s an example of her two kiddos and one of their messes. Luckily, this time it was at least a “clean mess” of bubble bath everywhere. She said her bathroom got a much-needed cleaning, and I’m sure it smelled berrylicious when all was said and done!

Can’t see the video? Click here to see a bubble bath mess and a half.

I asked her where she was while the mess was being made — because it’s always interesting to see just how quickly kids can get into trouble. She said she was doing laundry — for about two seconds. Like I said, when it comes to cleaning and taking care of the house, it’s two steps forward, two steps back when kids are around!

I bet the video makes your house seem a little less crazy — or if it’s more crazy, it lets you know you’re in good company! What messes have your kids made lately? —Erin

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