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I’m In Love With a … Dyson Vacuum?

I hate to clean. Mostly it’s because while I am cleaning, the kids are making a mess elsewhere, so I feel like it’s two steps forward, two steps back any time I try to pick up. But, I am in love with a vacuum. A vacuum that makes cleaning kind of … fun. And easy. And as a pregnant mom of two, I need some easy in my life in a big way. When I say that now I’m going to rave for a lot of words about my new Dyson DC59 Motorhead, you better believe it and get ready for a love poem to maybe my favorite small appliance ever. Shoot — maybe? I mean definitely.

Ode to My Dyson: A Poem


It used to be cumbersome to clean up a room

But not with my new trusty Dyson vacuum

You let it charge

Then you’ll be living large

Except that the DC59 Motorhead is small and light as a feather and easy to maneuver and the most fun-to-use vacuum ever, the end.

Did my poem go off the rails with its enthusiasm? Sorry. Dyson sent me the Dyson Digital Slim DC59 Motorhead to try out, and it sat for a week in the box before I finally put it together. I always have a mental hurdle about those things, but really, the assembly process was SO easy. You simply snap the three parts together and plug it in to charge for a few hours. Now I’m kicking myself for having missed out on an entire week of cleaning action and fun with my Dyson!

Dyson-DC59-585Once the charge was done, I busted out my new BFF-in-cleaning, and I kid you not, within seconds, the canister on the machine looked like this:


Holy grossness, right? I’ve never used a bagless vacuum before, so the satisfaction I got out of actually seeing the dirt and grime and pug hair was off the charts, even if it meant dumping the canister once it hit the max line, which was frequently. I immediately texted both Jenn and my husband: “Hashtag DysonROCKS!”

This machine is fabulous, and for a non-enthusiastic cleaner who has a very hard time keeping up with the mess (especially now!), take my raving as a sign that this is truly an outstanding product. What I love most is that it’s cordless, so while you do have to charge it (oh, sad will be the day when I’ve forgotten to plug it in!), it has a full clean time of 24 minutes when fully charged, which is quite a bit. And not having the cumbersome cord more than makes up for any time crunch you face with the charge, in my opinion. Plus, it’s not even 5 pounds (4.96, to be exact), so it’s super easy to transport from room to room, which brings me to the next reason I love it: it works well on hardwoods and carpets. My house is carpeted in the bedrooms, and we’ve got hardwoods and tiles and rugs elsewhere throughout the house, and it’s great that I can just zoom around on all of the surfaces with one tool. It’s also super easy to maneuver — it swivels and twists and turns easily to get around things in your way, like toys.


I had to take a break from writing this to go play with it some more. Really.

The DC59 Motorhead also comes with attachments, which can be directly attached to the handle for easy cleaning of stairs, the car, the couch and other hard-to-reach areas. It changed my stair-cleaning life.


Even the canister is easy to empty, and the frequent emptying means that the suction is definitely working (and that maybe I need to clean more!). You simply push down on the release button (in red, above) and the bottom of the bin pops open. Just make sure you’re over a trashcan! I found that I had to reach into the canister to “flick” the dust bunnies out, but that’s hardly a complaint. The vacuum also comes with a wall-mounted docking station for easy storage and charging.

It’s a splurge for a vacuum at $549.99, but it’s a serious upgrade on the former model, the DC59 Animal. It’s got 75 percent more brush bar power to better agitate carpet pile and tackle ground-in spills and stains. My husband had joked about getting me a new vacuum for Mother’s Day, and I gave him a look that said, “Buy me a vacuum and I’ll punch you.” But had he come home with this Dyson? I would have been one seriously happy mama!

Do you have an appliance you adore? Ever tried a Dyson? —Erin

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