Propel Fitness Challenge: Grab a Workout Buddy!

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You might think the hardest part of triathlon training is fitting in the three different sports, but you’d be wrong. The hardest part is fitting in all the other stuff that makes you stronger in those three sports.

I mean, you can run and bike and swim all you want, but if you’re not stretching the muscles that are getting beaten up on the regular, or if you’re not strengthening the muscles (like your core!) that facilitate all those movements, chances are you’re going to face injury (or at least a plateau) somewhere between the start of training and hitting that 70.3 starting line in great shape.

I do not plan on an injury or a plateau, thank you very much.

I’ve made a point to get in regular strength training, and I swear I’m stretching as much as I can, but there’s only so much I’ll push myself to do on my own. So, when Propel challenged me to tag along with a friend for a workout I haven’t been to before, it didn’t take me long to decide that hitting up a Pilates barre class with my fit friends Lori and Coach Patrick would be a pretty swell idea.

(Plus, I mean, you know how much we love workout buddies, right?

Of course, I’m not the only one taking on a Propel challenge this summer. Erin tackled a fitness fear last month, and Tish and Jenn have their own challenges coming up in July and August!

barre class

Sure, I danced as a kid, and I’ve done a barre workout or two on my own, at home, but doing a small group class with an instructor and, you know, people watching? This is going to be something totally new and different, I’m certain (but at least I know I’ll be well-hydrated, right?). I’m a little nervous … and I totally can’t wait.

What type of workout do you think you would get the biggest benefit out of trying? What’s keeping you from giving it a go? Let me know here, and check back in a couple of weeks to see how my challenge went! —Kristen


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