The Best Barre Workout DVDs Available on Amazon

Want to get an amazing workout at home? Try one of these! According to this guest post by Jessica Smith (Know her? We love her!), these are the best barre workout DVDs you can get on Amazon right now! 


6 Best Barre Workout DVDs on Amazon

Barre workouts offer some pretty amazing better body benefits, but taking a class at a studio can get pretty pricey. Stash your cash and invest in one (or a few!) of these top barre workout DVDs for a super-effective session that you can do at home or in your hotel room without the hefty price tag. Read on for a few of my top picks!


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  1. Four of my absolute favorites are Barre Fitness, Xtend, BarreAmped, and Element Barre Conditioning. I need to give the Core Fusion a try but Tracy is too advanced for me!