5 Sunburn Home Remedies

Had too much fun in the sun recently? Needing a little relief? Check out these five DIY sunburn home remedies that should help from our friends at FabFitFun

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Consider the lobster. We love that delish bright red hue when we’re chowing down at dinnertime. But when it comes to our own coloring, it’s never fun to end our day in the sun looking like a crustacean.

If you’re dealing with a serious sunburn, try these sunburn home remedies to heal, soothe and relieve your painful skin.

(And remember: the best way to treat a sunburn is to avoid getting one in the first place. Make sunscreen a part of your daily routine, and reapply if you’ll be in the sun for long periods of time!)

5 Sunburn Home Remedies

1. Make a compress. Calm specific areas of your sunburned skin by making a soothing compress out of the stuff in your pantry. Who knew your kitchen could double as a pharmacy!

  • Blend up a potato paste. Cut two potatoes into small chunks, then throw them in the food processor until they create a paste-like substance (add water if necessary). Apply the wet mixture to your burns and let it dry. Potatoes have been used for centuries to relieve pain!
  • Dip a towel in freshly brewed and cooled black tea. The tannins can help balance the pH of your skin and draw the heat out of your sunburn.
  • Skip the spa day and put cucumbers on your burn instead of over your eyes! Mash up the (chilled) veggie, then throw it in the blender to make a fine paste. The natural antioxidants in cucumbers will help you heal even more quickly.
  • Make a compress using equal parts cold milk and water. The protein and fat in milk will help reduce inflammation and swelling.

2. Take a bath. Soaking in a soothing tub is also a fantastic sunburn home remedy. There are a couple of easy additives you can throw in your bath to help promote healing.

  • Adding a few large tablespoons of baking soda can also help soothe your sunburn. Just don’t stay in for more than 20 minutes to avoid drying out your already parched skin. Afterward, try not to wipe off the baking soda. Air dry if possible.
  • Soaking in an oatmeal bath can cure all types of skin irritation. Grind one cup of oats until fine, then add them to your water to relieve itchy, painful burns.
  • Adding one cup of cider vinegar to a cool bath can help balance your burned skin’s pH.

3. Take a pill. Pop an ibuprofen to help relieve sunburn pain. And consider taking a dose of vitamin E — the antioxidant will fight inflammation. You can take the supplement in pill form or pick up some vitamin E oil and rub it directly on your skin for a sunburn home remedy.

4. Rehydrate. Your dry skin won’t feel totally back to normal until you’ve rehydrated from the inside out. So for this sunburn home remedy, simply restore moisture to your burned body by drinking a few glasses of ice cold water!

5. Rub it on. Everyone’s first post-sunburn reaction is to run for the aloe vera. That’s because the aloectin B in aloe is antibacterial and can help boost the immune system. If you’re using the age-old remedy, just make sure you’re applying a 100-percent pure aloe gel and keeping it chilled.

Do you have a sunburn home remedy or two that you swear by? What works? And a big thanks to FabFitFun for the great tips! —Jenn

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