An Easy Way to Find New Workout Partners

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You already know how beneficial it can be to have a workout buddy, but what if none of your close friends like to do the same stuff you do? Or what if they don’t have a membership to your gym? You can always rely on social media for a certain amount of motivation, but it’s not the same as meeting somebody for a new class or making a plan to spot each other during lunch.

Recently, I was added to a Facebook group of local gals who are members at my gym, and it’s such a simple and effective idea, I can’t even believe I didn’t think of it earlier. People post when they want to try a new class or whether they’re hitting up the weights after work and want some company, or even just to say they could use a little motivation to get off the couch.

Many of us know each other at least casually, although what I really love about it is the fact that the girls I know, I know from all different parts of my life — some I know through running, or book club, or socially through other friends. And, of course, that means that many people are meeting new potential workout buddies, and, you know, I am all for that.

Think it could work for you? Start a group and invite people you know who have a gym membership to join you. Then, ask them to invite anyone they know who might like to be involved. Before you know it, you’ll have an active online group ready to meet up and motivate you!

Do you belong to any groups like this? Do you find it helpful? —Kristen


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