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Going Au Natural With Beauty Products

When I get pregnant, I always become hyper aware of the chemicals surrounding me on a daily basis. I don’t go overboard in avoiding them or anything — it’s pretty much impossible to avoid all soaps and detergents and shampoos and cleaning products — but there are certain chores I don’t do because I don’t want the extra chemical exposure, like spraying weeds in the backyard (duh). And I’ll sometimes go for the more natural version of a cleaning product. It’s also nice to avoid those types of things for the kids — although seeing as how they’ll put all kinds of gross things in their mouths, I’ve relaxed a little bit on that front. So when two companies contacted me to send samples of their more au natural lines of products, I was totally game! Read on for my take on one mama-specific product and one little princess-specific one!


Nine Naturals


Nine Naturals shampoos and conditioners are 100 percent plant-based and made with certified organic oils. There are no sulfates, parabens, phthalates, petrochemicals, DEA, synthetic fragrances or artificial preservatives (read that sentence five times fast!). They basically reduce your chemical exposure and are made to be a high-performing product while reducing your exposure to toxins. The ingredients list for the Citrus + Mint ($20) shampoo and conditioner ($20) reads more like a food label: coconut-derived soaps, jojoba seed oil, shea butter, sunflower seed oil and lemon, lime and peppermint essential oils, among others.

I really enjoyed the shampoo and conditioner. It is gentle and performed great, never leaving my hair feeling dry or weighed down. My frizziness is also more under control than usual for the summer, which is nice. Plus, the shampoo lathers up nicely, which I love because it makes me feel like it’s working. I love the smell of it, too, which was maybe the most important factor, particularly in the early days of pregnancy when certain smells would make my stomach turn and have me running for the bathroom. I actually had such an obsession with smells in the early days of this pregnancy that I a) spent an entire Saturday cleaning because I couldn’t handle any smells in the house and b) more relevant to this post, bought a certain Jonathan shampoo because it smelled like pina colada or vacation and some kind of wonderful and I would just smell it in the shower because it was guaranteed to make me happy. Weird, I know.

So the Citrus + Mint flavor? Perfect for those nauseated with morning sickness! My hubby also ran out of shampoo, and he didn’t complain at all about the smell of it, so it’s not too girly for the dudes in your house either. If you’re worried about toxins and chemicals but still want a shampoo that works, check out this brand. I’m willing to bet Mandarin + Ginger smells amazing.

EcoPrincess’s All Natural & Organic Play Makeup Set

My daughter is a true “little princess.” I’ve never been a total girly-girl — I hate shopping, for example, and wish my husband would be up for a camping trip — so it tickles me to no end that Avery loves all things princess and pink. She’s dressed in Snow White or Tinkerbell costumes most days of the week, she wears plastic princess shoes, and she can never wear enough accessories. So when I had the opportunity to review the EcoPrincess All Natural & Organic Play Makeup Set ($26.99)? Well, it just seemed wrong to pass it up.


The makeup in the set is all-natural and organic, so you don’t have to worry about any scary ingredients on your kiddos’ faces. The set includes two eye shadows, a blush, pink shimmer lip balm, water-based nail polish and two applicators. The eyeshadows and blush are mineral makeup, while the lip balm is made of sunflower oil, beeswax, and other oils and shea butter. I can’t let her wield the makeup herself yet, but I can’t even tell you how excited she was the day she got to have her makeup done! She absolutely loved the eye shadow, and even though the barely there balm isn’t super obvious (which is a really good thing, actually!), she felt special getting to wear balm like me. The nail polish requires a few coats, and it can be tough to get kiddos to sit still — but it actually peels off in water, so you don’t need to worry about polish remover or anything.

While I’m not going to let my 3-year-old grow up too fast, and this is definitely a sometimes “toy” — it’s fun to let her get dressed up to go outside, play with sticks and rocks, and sweat all of her makeup off!

Do you go au natural with beauty products and products for your kids? —Erin

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