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How to Plan an Active Vacation in 6 Easy Steps

It’s Fit Bottomed Vacay Week — and today Kristen is giving us the steps to plan an active vacation. Check out all of our fit travel posts here!

hawaiian vacationI’ve never believed that going on vacation means doing nothing but enjoying daiquiris by the pool (although, I won’t lie — that’s generally a part of a really good one, right?). When I travel, I like to stay pretty active, and the trip Jared and I took to Hawaii this spring was a perfect example.

But, as we posted pictures of one active adventure after another, a question kept popping up: How did we fit so much in?

It’s not the sexiest answer, but the truth is, it just took a bit of planning. And spreadsheets. Several of them, in fact. But, I think we planned just about the most complex trip possible (at least, without bringing a variety of languages into the picture), and it went fairly flawlessly. So, I thought I’d share my planning tips here in the hopes of helping out my fellow active adventurers.

I’m basing the plan below on the trip I took, which included flights to and from Hawaii as well as inter-island travel between five islands, with activities in various places on each island. Tweak the steps to fit your plans — if you’re staying in one hotel the whole time, not all steps will apply to you, but if you’re planning something a little more involved (a few cities, for example, or multiple countries in Europe), this could be really beneficial.

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