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Postpartum Pee Problems: 5 Rules to Follow

It is true, our bodies change after pregnancy. I was prepared for my body not being the same and it feeling foreign and having to lose weight. What I wasn’t prepared for is having to excuse myself EVERY TIME jumping was a factor in boot camp. I’m not ashamed to admit that a potty break is necessary before jump roping. At first I thought nothing of it, until I consulted with my mama friends — who all experienced the same pee problems postpartum!

Let’s be honest, following baby it takes a little bit of time to feel more like a lady and less like a human anatomy science experiment. Imagine my shock when I realized my bladder is not what it used to be. I often wonder if other women have the same thoughts I do. “Who am I and when will my body become mine again?” While postpartum pee control does improve over time, you might never quite have the bladder of steel you once had. Instead of dwelling on my pee problems though, I thought I’d share a few “lessons” I’ve learned along the way!


5 Rules of Postpartum Pee Problems

1. Don’t wait to go. Always use the restroom before a workout. Don’t hesitate to sneak out of a class to pee if you need to either.

2. One word: Kegels. Before, during and after pregnancy. It’s true, those muscles need as much exercise as every other muscle in the body!

3. Invest in panty liners. They’re not flattering to talk about, but preparation is key. There are even kinds designed just for workout clothes. Brilliant!

4. Be prepared. Carry an extra pair of undies on longer workout days. Busy mamas have a long to-do list following that gym break; it’s worth it to freshen up. There are also underwear like Dear Kates (which Erin loves) that are extra thick for situations like this!

5. Tighten your abs. I recognize when I focus more on my abs during jump work in bootcamp I’m more successful with my … issue. My trainer is always reminding me to keep my abs in; little does she know it benefits me in other ways!

Postpartum pee problems are one of those truths no lady wants to bring up, but we’ll lay all the honesty right on you! You pushed a watermelon through a decidedly non-watermelon-sized opening. Of course life will never be the same! But you’re not alone, and there are some simple fixes. If your bladder control doesn’t improve with time after baby, check with your doctor; there might be other things you can do to help you — and your bladder — out!

Do you experience the fun gym-time leak? What do you do to prepare and prevent any pee problems? —Jennifer

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  1. Josie says:

    Hi Jennifer,
    I am a mom to two girls, 21 months and 2 months, and a NASM certified personal trainer. I focus on training pre and postnatal moms. While I thank you for writing this post about incontinence, I do want to stress that it is not okay to pee while exercising. If a client is peeing while exercising than there is a weakness in her core and pelvic floor. I would suggest that the client stop those specific exercises and work on core strength and pelvic floor health. If a woman is incontinent, I would also suggest going to a physical therapist that specializes in women’s health and having a trainer that is knowledgeable about postnatal fitness.
    We as a society put a lot of pressure on moms to get back into shape as fast as possible. Strengthening the abdominal muscles especially the transverse abdominal muscles and pelvic floor should be the primary focus, not bootcamps and challenges to fit into your pre-pregnancy jeans. The pelvic floor needs to work a lot longer than those jeans.

  2. Connie says:

    Don’t wait to see your GYN about leakage. I waited waaay too long and was pissed (No pun intended) that after mentioning it to several Dr.’s help is out there. My 3rd GYN sent me to a Urogynacologist. Got this wonderful devise called a Pessary. Look it up. Its been around for centuries in many forms. It’s a miracle. I can cough, sneeze, exercise in complete confidence now. Don’t wait to ask about it, there is no rrason to suffer a day longer.

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