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Pregnancy, Pee and Preterm Labor Paranoia

preterm-labor-585So it’s no secret that ever since my first preterm delivery at 35 weeks that I’ve been a little paranoid about history repeating itself. Thinking it was a total fluke with my first, I was so unprepared when, at 34 weeks, 6 days, I went into labor with my second child. This time, I’m determined to be prepared at 34 weeks, 5 days. And at almost 31 weeks, I would say my paranoia is at a peak.

My doctors have sent me for monthly cervical checks to make sure all is going well — and it has been. But it has in my previous pregnancies as well, with no indication of preterm labor until — BOOM — water breaks or contractions start. The biggest concern the doctors say, is that 35 weeks is a great mark to hit, but “You don’t want to go any earlier…” And no, no, I don’t.

So when at 29 weeks I felt a trickle, I freaked out a bit. Thinking I had to pee, I headed to the bathroom and did my thang. But when I stood up and felt some fluid, I was really freaked out. I’d just peed! It couldn’t be pee! But I flashed back to my water breaking with my daughter — and it had been right when I’d stood up after peeing. So, not wanting to worry anyone but also OMG, freaking out, I called my husband. Note: If you ever want your husband to drop everything and get him home, just tell him you’re worried you’re leaking amniotic fluid at 29 weeks. So as he headed home in record time, I called the doctor. She, of course, wanted me to come right in for an exam. She also informed me that if it was amniotic fluid, I’d be admitted to the hospital where I’d stay to try to stop labor until I would be induced at 34 weeks.


Needless to say, five weeks of hospital bed rest was not something I wanted to have on my lifetime list of accomplishments, so I was so very relieved when after my exam and swabs and tests, it turned out to not be amniotic fluid. Had I peed myself? Was it just extra fluid? They didn’t really know, but it didn’t matter. I literally felt a heavy weight lift off my shoulders as soon as I left the doctor’s office. (Also note: A good way to get into the doctor when others have clearly been waiting well beyond their scheduled appointment times.)

I thought I’d feel silly with such a false alarm, but nope. Not even a little. It’s best to be paranoid and proactive than to overlook something that could really be a big deal. The whole experience shook us up though, and we decided to have my mother-in-law come for her long stay a couple of weeks earlier than she’d planned, just to be on the safe side. She’ll be arriving this weekend, and it’ll be nice to have an extra couple of hands to help me out and allow me to take it just a bit easier.

Ever had an “Am I in labor?” false alarm? —Erin


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