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The Must-Have for Road-Trips with Kids: A Backseat Organizer

It’s Fit Bottomed Vacay Week over on Fit Bottomed Girls, and we’ve been sharing all kinds of travel-related fun. We’re joining in on the fun over here, too, with tips earlier this week about flying with kids, so today we thought we’d take it to the street with a product we love for road-trips! 

carseat-organizer-road-trip-585The folks over at Prince Lionheart must have been thinking about me when they developed the backseat organizer. I am the queen bee of organizing in our house. I like things clean — real clean! As soon as this box arrived, I ran straight to the garage and started to play. Currently, I have a basket on the backseat floor of the car filled with toys and distractions for my mister. There are books, balls, action figures, cars and then some in there. More often than not, Evan brings a new toy into the car, so they tend to pile up and the basket overflows.

Enter the backseat organizer into my car life! Hooray! It was super easy to install: just two clips for around the seat and headrest. I wasted ZERO time getting that baby loaded up! At the moment, Evan is still rear-facing (a whole new world is in store for him come the end of August!), so I attached this to the back of the driver’s seat. I really don’t think that once we reverse the car seat Evan will be able to reach the organizer to grab a toy on his own; he’s in there pretty securely and would need some go-go gadget arms. There’s a pro and con here: the pro is he cannot pull everything out and throw it. The con is that I’m imagining spending a lot of the car ride with him pointing saying “yeaaaaaa” because that’s what he does when he sees something he wants that is out of his reach. Being that it is behind my seat currently, it isn’t an issues because he cannot see it. Once we turn him around, I’ll end up switching it to the passenger seat and then I’ll be able to easily reach for what he needs … at a stoplight, with the car stopped, of course!

So here is the amazing organizing I did. Books, a must-have, are up top. I get motion sickness reading in the car, but my mister is all about the books in the car! Love it! In the two bottom corners there is room for either water bottles or a tall thin sippy on either side. They’re a mesh material holder so the material allows a little bit of wiggle room. Both sides have a clip, similar to what you see hikers use but not as heavy duty. This is perfect to hang a pull toy from or something with a long ribbon to keep the little ones entertained. It’s also a great place to hang a baseball cap! And pockets! There are plenty of pockets to pack in the extra papers from school or to throw a few to-go snacks in for a longer trip. This product is not only for the mom’s taxi, it is handy for anyone who can appreciate keeping your car in tip-top shape. It’s great to stock samples for the business saleswomen and men or to store magazines and reading material and even your gym necessities for before/after work.

I cannot say enough great things about the Prince Lionheart backseat organizer! This company NAILED IT when designing something practical at a great price point ($25 or less)!

What is your must have item that’s in your car now? —Jennifer

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