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The Better Mood Workout

Working out despite [fill in your road block of choice] deserves a pat on the back.

Last week, I was on my way to the gym when I received a world-stopping message that had me so stressed I walked into my gym and had to force myself not to cry. I was super stressed out, super overwhelmed and super over the drama that our jobs can present from time to time. (Being a big kid can suck it!) Before the messages from Hades came and knocked the poop against the fan, I had been geeked to work out — totally jazzed to sweat it out. After, the only thing I wanted to do was go home and rock myself in a corner, but my dear husband, who can be the best motivator, shook me out of my wallow.

He reminded me that workouts are great remedies for bad days gone whack. So even though I didn’t want to and was miserable for the first round of this workout, I kept with it and started to loosen up and chill out. I finished strong and sweaty and I felt better — just like he had promised. Sometimes it really pays to have a positive pusher in your corner to remind you a workout is therapy, cathartic and magical.

The Better Mood Workout


It’s hard beginning when you’re worrying about a million different things, but if you dig in, you’ll find your sweet spot where everything melts away, focus sets in and sweat starts to flow. It’s my favorite form of therapy!

Have you ever had a workout totally turn your mood and mindset around? —Tish

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