Time to Confess My Love For The FBG Anti-Diet

I’m going to admit — I am not a big reader. Never have been; don’t know if I ever will be. I typically get through the first few pages and then I’m spacing off, wondering what’s for dinner. By no means am I proud that I survived high school by frequenting SparkNotes on the reg. So when FBG had a book coming out — duh, of course, I’m excited, but is it going to take me a year to finish it? I feared that (seriously). To my surprise, I read that sucker front-to-back in TWO DAYS. I kid you not. It wasn’t difficult and I took so much from it — even more than I expected. Obviously, I’m a little biased since I adore FBG in general and am totally proud to be apart of it, but I really wanted to write a straightforward, tell-you-like-it-is review of The FBG Anti-Diet.

First off, let’s talk about the whole set-up of the book — which may not sound so important, but oh, trust me it is very important. It’s broken up into several chapters that have several sections within the chapters. Like I said, keeping this gal here engaged is a doozy. Jenn and Erin only put information in there that was absolutely necessary. There was nothing to skip over (like I tend to do), and there was nothing where the thought, “I’ve heard this before,” popped into my head. Nobody, and I mean nobody, explains it like this two gals. It’s a real, tell-it-like-is, no bullshit guide to achieving what you want with a dash of humor and fun.


My new BFF and I.

There was really one part of the book that struck a chord with me — emotional eating. Oh boy … bored, tired, sad, happy, stressed, you name it and I’m eating. Chapter 2 focuses on “listening to your hunger.” Sounds simple, right? Well, apparently not because every time I sit down to watch Judge Judy or Wendy Williams, I feel the need to snack on something — even if it’s not what I want. So, what did the FBGs teach me? Only eat when you’re hungry. Duh! How did I miss this? Obviously they explained it in more detail than this and I could totally relate to Jenn’s experience with emotional eating herself. It really was the way it was explained that rewired my brain. I felt like they were reading my mind. I have always been a yo-yo dieter — it’s always been all or nothing. I’ll eat perfect for a week, but then the cravings start to creep up on me, and I turn into this raging carbivore (story of my life). The Fit Bottomed Girls Anti-Diet taught me I can still eat what I love; everything good in moderation. Chocolate? I can have it. Bread? I can have it. Alcohol? I can totally have it. I can live life! What a crazy concept, right?

Now I could go on and on about my admiration for this book, but I was forced to limit myself as I don’t want to bore you with my revelations. I have now handed the book off to my mom who is raving over it just as much as I am. It changes your perspective on this “ideal” image we have ourselves that’s been pounded into our brain by the media and ourselves included. It’s not about the size you are or the number on the scale. Once you learn to truly love yourself and I mean truly love yourself — mind, body, and all — it will transform your life. FBG has completely erased every negative view and attitude I have had about myself. I look back and can’t believe the way I treated myself! What a miserable way to live life. I was so clueless as to what I was missing out on. Not only did I lose 7 pounds (oh yeah, did I mention that?), I am now happier, more confident, and now when someone says I look great, guess what my response is going to be? Thank you! No, “Oh, thanks, I still have some weight to lose,” or “Ugh, I look horrible today but thanks.” A simple, “Thank you,” will do just fine because I have worked my butt off to be here, and it’s time to accept that.

The book addresses eating and exercising because, well, it’s pretty darn fundamental to being healthy, but there is so much more to it: sleep, loving yourself, loving each other, meditation, and so, so, SO much more. I am eternally grateful for this book, and I can honestly say I truly understand now why so many women are proud to call themselves a Fit Bottomed Girl (me included).

Thank you Jenn and Erin for your teachable moments. I am no longer a drama llama!  —Erika

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