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Triathlon Gear Fit for an Ironman

I am here to tell you that, in case you hadn’t already guessed this, training for a long-course triathlon ain’t no joke. Last weekend, I spent almost four hours on the bike, followed by a short run on Saturday, then woke up Sunday, did a 45-minute bike workout followed by a six-mile run, and later that day, I ran another four. I don’t know about you, but that is not a typical weekend for me.

I was almost too tired to eat, you guys. But I think getting a weekend like that under my belt means I’m close to being ready. And good thing! The Ironman Augusta 70.3 is just over a month away!

Happily, I’ve been showered with awesome Ironman goodies to help me with my training, and I’m here to share some of my favorite finds.

ironman triathlon gear

Fitness Swag Fit for an Iron(Wo)man

AquaSphere Cindy Swimsuit: The Cindy swimsuit ($54.95) stands out for a few reasons. For one, the colors I received (red and bright orange) are way brighter and more cheerful than anything else in my swimwear drawer. Also, it’s a bit more revealing with cut-outs on the sides, but not so much that I’m uncomfortable (or unsupported) in it. I’ve gotten loads of compliments on it, and after a few weeks in heavy rotation, it seems to be holding up just fine.

AquaSphere Kaiman EXO Ladies Goggles: I’ve pretty much always worn a fairly small style of goggles, so I was a bit skeptical of the larger Kaiman EXO design ($29.95). However, upon first wear, I was sold — they’re comfortable and efficient at keeping the water out. I’m a convert, and I did not expect to be.

AquaSphere Pursuit SL Wetsuit: I’m not a huge fan of wearing a wetsuit, but I’ve only ever worn my long-sleeved one in a race. Because it’s so hot here, I haven’t had a chance to try out the short-sleeved Pursuit ($199.95), but I have plans to get in some chilly water and do a little swimmin’ in the new wetsuit this weekend, and if all goes well, I’ll be going sleeveless in Augusta.

FuelBelt Revenge R2O Hydration Belt: You know how I mentioned it’s been hot here? That means I don’t leave on a run — even a short one — without hydration available. I’m a big fan of hydration belts in general, and the Revenge R2O ($43.95) has some pretty cool features you don’t always see. In addition to two small bottles for water or a sports drink and a pocket to hold your ID, money, etc., it has an adjustable waistband that fastens with Velcro (rather than a belt-style closure) and only the back stretches, while the front holds shape. If you’ve ever run with a hydration belt that stretched and sagged and required constant adjusting to keep it from sliding down your hips, you’ll understand why this is important.

IRONMAN Women’s Convertable Versa Jacket by Sugoi: First off, this Versa Jacket ($135.95) gets mad props for style — the cut and design are both comfortable and flattering. It’s water- and wind-resistant, surprisingly warm for how lightweight it feels, and has lots of pockets. But the best part? The sleeves are magnetic, so if you’re wearing the jacket and feeling a bit warm, you can quickly turn this into a vest and tuck the sleeves into a pocket. And you can put them back on just as easily if you get chilled. So cool.

IRONMAN Thunder Pro Low Wigwam Socks: Socks might not be all that sexy, but man, do they do a lot of dirty work. These Wigwam socks ($12) aren’t too fancy, but they get the job done with a fair amount of cushion, just the right amount of stretch, plus? They stay in place really well.

Timex IRONMAN Easy Trainer GPS Watch: This is a solid starter GPS watch. The Easy Trainer ($80) gives you your speed and distance at a fraction of the cost of some GPS watches you’ll find, although, as with pretty much any high-tech watch, it takes a few runs to become familiar with the buttons and functions. Keep in mind that this watch isn’t loaded with every feature imaginable (like heart rate, mapping, multi-sport, etc.), but if you’re looking for a reliable GPS watch that can track speed, distance and calories while including features like auto lap, interval timer and workout memory, this is a nice watch at a great price point. Oh, and get this: It actually functions as a real watch when you’re not wearing it to run, and it doesn’t even kill the battery! Crazy, right?

All this awesome swag has been a huge help, but the biggest boost I’ve gotten has come from friends and family supporting me and cheering me on. Got any words of wisdom as I count down to race day? Or are there any pieces of triathlon gear you just can’t live without? —Kristen

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