Fall Fitness: 5 Workouts to Do

What’s your fall fitness plan? And don’t tell me it involves trading out your bathing suit for stretchy pants because you just want to get cozy on the couch with all manner of pumpkin-flavored treats.

Not that I’m not down with pumpkin-flavored, well, everything (or stretchy pants, for that matter). But a change of seasons doesn’t mean you should stop being serious about fitness!

Don’t worry — we’re here to help! Below you’ll find five workouts that are perfect for fall fitness. Which will you try first?

fall fitness workouts

Fall Fitness: Workouts You’ll Love

Indoor Cycling: If that crisp air has become a bit chilly for you for getting your fall fitness on, hit the great indoors and get in a great bike ride … with a bootilicious twist.

At-Home Yoga: Whether your goal is to find more peace and relaxation this autumn or you’re looking to up your strength and flexibility, they make a yoga DVD just for you. And we’ve already pulled ’em all together for all of your fall-fitness goals. Sweet.

Deck of Cards Workout: Don’t have much time or any equipment? No prob. Grab a deck of cards and feel awesome in just 10 minutes with this fall fitness workout you can do indoors or out.

Hiking: What better way to take in the crisp fall air and gorgeous fall foliage than by hiking, right? Hit the trails near you, or, if you don’t live near traditional hiking trails, do a little urban hiking by trekking city blocks you’d normally cab it to for some fall fitness fun.

Reality Show Workout: Yes, you can still get your reality TV fix in without digging into a bag of Cheetos, and we’ve got just the workout to prove it!

What’s your favorite way to fit in some fall fitness? Or don’t the changing seasons impact your routine? —Kristen


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