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Finding Happiness In The Weight-Loss Struggle

finding-happiness-585Weight-loss is not easy, and neither is maintenance. There comes a point when you take a step back and wonder, is it going to be like this forever? Will I spend the rest of my life monitoring every bite I take and over thinking every workout I do? When will I find that balance? I was at Fusion recently and there was a saying on the wall that caught my attention: “Find HAPPINESS in the struggle.” I focused on it for quite a bit of the class; I kept rereading it and making sure that it stuck. Making sure that I really understand the message. Happiness and struggle — it’s not often you see the two of those together. So, I started thinking, what WOULD happiness look like in this constant struggle for better health and acceptance? (Acceptance — there’s another one we should talk about, let’s save that one for later!)

Far too often, we are searching for something better: wanting to be thinner, eat perfectly, work out harder. Instagram filters are not real life; they cannot change how we feel as easily as they can fine-tune that photo. There are no realistic filters in this struggle, our journey. We have a habit of comparing ourselves, of wanting what she has, wanting to look like her. We are always reaching for something more. When FBG had their AMAZING PowHer event, we were told to practice RECEIVING a compliment. All too often, when we are given a compliment we say “thank you, BUT…” This really hits close to home because it’s so true. Instead of saying thank you, we justify what we still have to do or we point out our insecurities. I was reminded of this lesson at Jenn’s book signing for the Anti-Diet. Jenn read a passage and one of the activities we did was give the person next to us a detailed compliment. We didn’t just say, “I like your hair,” but we told our new friend what we liked about her hair. We were detailed, descriptive and meaningful. Yet, we also took a compliment. We didn’t say anything in response except, “Thank you.”

I am reminded of all these events as I try to “find happiness in the struggle.” As I start to shift my mind, I took a big step that’s been asked of me for years: I posted a before and after photo of myself (pregnancy and post baby), to celebrate my success. During times of struggle and self doubt, it’s important to take recognize our hard work. Worry less and appreciate more. I appreciate what my body has done, and I value my body for its hard work. Every day may be a struggle; chances are it will be. I have struggled for years — 17 to be exact. Today, I’m taking time for positive self talk. Happiness is valued differently, and it’s a private thing, but know that it’s okay to lose sight from time to time. What’s important is that we go back to basics to get it back. Whether personal development pieces (Fit Bottomed Girls has some GREAT inspiration over on Pinterest!) or looking at your journey from the start to celebrate what YOUR hard work has accomplished, make time for it.

Tell me how you find happiness in the struggle. What are you MOST proud of? —Jennifer

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