Swim Workout I Did: I Like Those Odds

I try to get up early and meet friends at the pool for a good swim at least once or twice a week, for a couple of reasons. For one thing, it keeps me accountable to the morning workout thing, which is great, plus, the group I swim with is fast, so every time I go, I’m guaranteed to be pushed a little past my comfort zone. Or a lot, in some cases.

Since I’m a sprinter at heart, I love when we have what we call “Fast Fridays,” which basically means we show up ready to do some short, hard sprints, sometimes broken up with some longer aerobic efforts. Below is one we did recently that I really enjoyed.

One big bonus sprint workouts have when it comes to swimming in a group: You can have people of varying speeds swim together and stay on the same interval, at least to some extent. You don’t want your faster folks to get too much extra rest, of course, but a few seconds shouldn’t be problematic.

woman swim workout

Do you follow workouts in the pool, or do you just get your laps in? —Kristen

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  1. It’s feels nice to do something which you are not used to do so. Pushing yourself from your limits. Only few are brave enough to do it. Im glad you made it!

  2. I’m pretty unfamiliar with swimming workouts, but I’m definitely interested because exercising outdoors is miserable in the Florida heat! At least swimming would keep me cool, and swimming uses a lot of muscles. I’ll definitely be trying this workout.

  3. I do what’s considered a basic/beginners swim workout, but I find it pretty intense even though I’ve been building endurance in the pool over the last year! It’s a “pyramid” workout. You swim one length, rest for 40 sec; swim 2 lengths, rest for 40sec; swim 3 lengths, rest for 40 sec; swim 4 lengths, rest for 40 sec. And then you come back down, 3, 2, 1 (with the 40 sec rests still in between). Usually takes me about 25 minutes to complete and I just work on strokes and tread water afterwards to make it a longer workout.