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The New Workout That’s Like Yoga Blocks With Attitude

The B-Method is no joke of a workout. Credit: Crunch Gyms

The B-Method is no joke of a workout. Credit: Crunch Gyms

If you think that yoga blocks are only good for, you know, yoga, think again because Crunch gyms now has a class developed by celebrity trainer Terri Walsh called B-Method that utilizes them to challenge your core, create long and lean muscles and get an overall amazing workout. The class is the first created exclusively by Walsh for Crunch and is available in New York and San Francisco locations for now. (I like to think of it as “yoga blocks with attitude!”)

Walsh, a top-notch fitness entrepreneur, created her hallmark A.R.T. (Active Resistance Training) method that emphasizes the four places on your body you should focus for  active resistance: the feet, navel, ribs and shoulders. By being mindful of these parts of your body at all times, you will gain optimal strength and fitness. She is not a big fan of cardio and weight-lifting abuse in regular intense sessions. You want to roll with Walsh — you learn how to position your body properly at all times!

In B-Method, Walsh uses yoga blocks throughout the hour-long class to constantly challenge your stability and offer more range of motion. For example, in the bird dog exercise you will balance on one hand and the opposite knee to make it even tougher. Walsh points out that the use of blocks offer more than just a challenge for fitness enthusiasts — they also help training students who have physical limitations.

Walsh believes that all workouts should be thought of as a practice and therefore you need to balance tough, sweaty sessions with equally slow and deliberate ones to maintain harmony and avoid injuries.

“When constructing the B-Method class for Crunch, my goal was to create an intense, functional-movement based workout that shreds body fat while developing lean muscles and increasing flexibility and cardiovascular fitness,” Walsh says to Fit Bottomed Girls. “I used my concept of ‘fitness as a practice’ and the unique use of two yoga blocks as workout tools to develop a way to have class participants learn to find, engage and maintain an active resistance.”

Here’s hoping B-Method will be available online at www.crunch.com for everyone to try soon! (Hint, hint Crunch executives!)

Would you try this new class? What appeals to you about it? —Margo

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  1. Jenn says:

    Sounds like a great workout. I am just getting back into exercise after an injury. I like that this one sounds slow and steady. Just what I need.

  2. Vicky says:

    I love this class type and Ihope the Crunch by me incorporates it

  3. Yum Yucky says:

    My stability is not as great as I like to think it is. I’m reminded of that every time I try a fancy move and fall on my bum! This class sounds great.

  4. I love this class type and Ihope the Crunch by me incorporates it

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