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This Gluten-Free Ravioli Satisfied My Pasta Cravings

There are only a few things I sincerely miss since going totally gluten-free. (This has been deeply pronounced since I got pregnant, of course.) These things include: Lamar’s Donuts (if you come to Kansas City, eat them for me, please!), really good and doughy deep dish pizza, and ravioli. Oh, ravioli.
Decent gluten-free pasta isn’t that hard to come by (and, really, for me, zoodles do the trick most of the time) but ravioli? That’s a different food story. So when we were offered to try some of Three Bridges new products — three of which were gluten-free — I obviously had to try. And, guys, two of them were gluten-free ravioli!

Three Bridges Gluten-Free Ravioli and Sauce Review

Up first, the Butternut Squash.
Let’s be honest, gluten-free or not, ravioli isn’t exactly health food. That said, I dig the ingredients used, and I was surprised with how much protein was in a serving for butternut squash and sweet potato being the first ingredients listed. (And, let’s be honest, no way I was just eating a third of this package … )
The Five Cheese Gluten-Free Ravioli came in the same fresh-pasta packaging. (You have to store it in your fridge and eat it pretty promptly for freshness.)
But, seeing that this gluten-free ravioli had m0re cheese in it (as one might expect from its Five Cheese name), this version had more calories and more fat — but also more protein (which I dig). No scary ingredients either, which was nice.
Now, because you can’t have gluten-free ravioli plain (well, I guess technically you could, but where’s the full deliciousness in that?!), I also got to try Three Bridges Heirloom Marinara Sauce.
Also fresh and stored in the fridge, this stuff is the real deal. Besides the fact that I’m a sucker for “heirloom” anything, you simply can’t do better than this ingredient list. It’s pretty much exactly what you’d make at home.
For lunch one day, I heated up the tomato sauce, and boiled up both packages of the gluten-free ravioli. A word to the wise: stick to the directions exactly. I didn’t set a timer for three minutes and ended up slightly overcooking my gluten-free ravioli, which left them a little stickier than I’d like. Plus, some of them split, spilling their delicious, delicious insides in the water instead of them getting in my belly.
But, even despite my cooking errors, the gluten-free pasta topped with the sauce was SO GOOD.
Both types of gluten-free ravioli had that wonderful pasta mouthfeel that’s a little chewy and tender with a creamy inner filling. The Butternut Squash was definitely more of the sweet-savory variety, but the sweetness really paired nicely with the ricotta in it and the citrus of the tomatoes on top. And the Five Cheese gluten-free ravioli tasted sooo decadent and, well, cheesy. (Don’t worry — I took my Beano.) It truly felt like an authentic Italian fix — not something that was “gluten-free” or pre-packaged. At all. If you’re gluten-free and jonesing for some good ravioli, you gots to try it!
For my gluten-free peeps: what foods do you miss most? —Jenn

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