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99 Healthy Pregnancy Snacks

We’ve got 99 pregnancy snacks and a Cheeto ain’t one! Because we polled you awesome readers and all the FBM writers to put together a rather epic list of healthy pregnancy snacks for you to nosh on!

We know that when you’re pregnant, you’re hungry. Like NOW. And your usual go-to snack after a few months may be beyond boring — or not exactly the healthiest for you and baby. Which is why we put our minds (and hungry bellies) together to provide you with more healthy pregnancy snack options than you can shake a stick at (99 to be exact!). So the next time you think to yourself, “I’m hungry but nothing sounds good,” you can pull this huge list of healthy pregnancy snacks up and get inspired!


99 Healthy Pregnancy Snacks

  1. Greek yogurt plus fresh blueberries
  2. Apple plus nut butter
  3. Whole-food bars like Larabar or CredibleCravings (Oatmeal Cranberry is our fave flavor!)
  4. Beef or turkey jerky
  5. Greek yogurt-stuffed strawberries.
  6. Oatmeal with pumpkin, cinnamon and a little brown sugar or honey
  7. Popcorn
  8. Kale chips
  9. Smoothie made with green, fruit and protein powder
  10. Protein pancakes
  11. Trail mix
  12. Glass of milk plus an orange
  13. Cut-up veggies with hummus
  14. Bowl of high-protein cereal or granola
  15. A parfait
  16. Baked potato
  17. Two-egg scramble with veggies
  18. Half of a peanut-butter-and-jelly sandwich
  19. Handful of spiced roasted nuts
  20. More nuts! Think in-shell sunflower seeds and pistachios.
  21. Mini-Big-Ass-Salad
  22. Baby carrots and celery sticks with nut butter
  23. Popsicles
  24. Edamame
  25. Homemade energy bites
  26. Salsa with flaxseed or veggie chips
  27. Pear with low-fat cheese
  28. Pretzels dipped in peanut butter (chocolate peanut butter if you’re feeling extra indulgent)
  29. Salted caramel apple ‘fries’
  30. All-natural fruit stripes or chews
  31. Chia seed pudding
  32. Avocado and tomato on toast
  33. Hard-boiled egg with an orange
  34. Chicken sausage with sauerkraut (don’t knock it until you’ve tried it as a snack!)
  35. Lettuce wrap with turkey (heated up!), tomato and mustard
  36. Small cup of your favorite soup
  37. A few bites of last night’s leftovers (whatever they may be!)
  38. Laughing Cow cheese wedge on whole-grain crackers
  39. Frozen yogurt (with sprinkles if you’re feeling festive)
  40. Handful of blue corn chips and guacamole
  41. Frozen waffles, toasted with nut butter on top
  42. Pita chips or pretzels with hummus
  43. Oatmeal pancakes. (Mix three egg whites with 1/2 c oatmeal. Cook in nonstick skillet until cooked thoroughly!)
  44. Pumpkin muffins
  45. String cheese and some grapes
  46. Animal crackers and a glass of milk
  47. A banana rolled in yogurt, crushed nuts and frozen
  48. Tortilla wrap with avocado and rotisserie chicken
  49. Graham crackers with your favorite nut butter
  50. Cottage cheese with your favorite fruit
  51. One egg scrambled in a corn tortilla with salsa
  52. Big glass of kefir
  53. English muffin + spread of choice (peanut butter, melted cheese, etc.)
  54. Cucumbers sprinkled with salt
  55. Bruschetta (toasted bread with tomato, mozzarella and a drizzle of olive oil)
  56. Olives
  57. Tofu triangles
  58. Slice of veggie pizza
  59. Dolmas (Trader Joe’s sells them in a can, and they’re fabulous)
  60. Mashed avocado with lemon juice squeezed on top, sprinkled with pine nuts
  61. Apple microwaved with cinnamon until soft, topped with Greek yogurt and a little agave
  62. Half of a grilled cheese and tomato sandwich
  63. A quick Caprese salad
  64. An English muffin topped with apple slices and (pasteurized) cheese
  65. Oven-roasted chickpeas
  66. Veggie burger topped with pineapple and barbecue sauce
  67. Sugar-snap peas
  68. Banana and peanut butter
  69. Almond butter squished between dark chocolate squares
  70. Strawberries topped with coconut whipped cream (minus the rum)
  71. Tabouli salad
  72. Dehydrated fruits or veggies
  73. Egg cooked in the microwave with cheese and dried basil
  74. Lentil Snaps and Snapea Crisps
  75. Half a whole-wheat pita stuffed with whatever veggies you have
  76. A mini quiche
  77. Applesauce
  78. Strawberry, avocado and (pasteurized) goat cheese salad
  79. Sweet potato cooked and topped with coconut butter
  80. Kale quesadilla
  81. Brown rice and black beans mixed with salsa
  82. Low-sodium ramen noodle bowl
  83. Small Bento Box of whatever you have in the fridge
  84. Cup of chili from Wendy’s (confession: this is one of our fast-food go-tos!)
  85. Frozen strawberries, warmed in the microwave and mixed with a little peanut butter and cocoa powder (delicious sweet treat!)
  86. Tortilla topped with pizza sauce, cheese and your favorite veggies
  87. Chicken salad on whole-grain crackers
  88. Top a half of a cinnamon-raisin bagel with low-fat ricotta cheese and cinnamon
  89. Dried plums or apricots with hard (pasteurized) cheese
  90. Mocha “latte” shake (mix decaf coffee with low-fat vanilla yogurt, protein powder and ice)
  91. Ants on a log (Celery sticks + nut butter + raisins. Try dried cranberries for a fun twist!)
  92. Bean chips with radish and nectarine salsa
  93. Quinoa Crispy Treats
  94. Vegetable juice
  95. Nutella and strawberries on toast
  96. Mango sprinkled with paprika (so spicy and tasty!)
  97. Apple butter spread on apple or pear slices
  98. Homemade Chex Mix
  99. Whatever the heck you’re craving in moderation. You are pregnant after all!

Did we include your favorite healthy pregnancy snack? If not, leave it in the comments! —Jenn & Erin

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