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Biggest Loser Season 16 Week 7 Recap: Hang On!

biggest loser season 16 week 7 trainers challenge

Jessie, Jen and Dolvett are perched precariously over the pool. Credit: Brandon Hickman/NBC

SPOILER ALERT!* We’re recapping tonight’s The Biggest Loser episode (get all the recaps here!), so avert your eyes if you don’t want to know what happened.

One of the highlights of this season’s The Biggest Loser is when the eliminated contestant discovers that they’re getting a second chance at success when they arrive at Comeback Canyon and see Bob Harper waiting for them. Perhaps the most excited person so far has been Gina, who jumped and squealed when she got out of the Elimi-Limo. She was ready to take on challenger Matt, but it was time for Bob to leave them alone at Comeback Canyon.

Quote of the Week

Bob: “See you tomorrow. Get some rest.”

Gina: “Bye! Love you!”

Bob: “Ha! You say that now.”

Back at the ranch, Jessie got a chance to see how an Olympic softball player pitches, when he tried to hit off Lori. It was a triple whiff — Jessie didn’t even get close. “I don’t know what I’m doin’ — I’m like a Bugs Bunny cartoon,” Jessie said.

The Challenge

The contestants and trainers met with Ali at the pool where they learned that they’ll be keeping their trainers hoisted high up on a diving board by holding onto ropes attached to a heavy weight. All three teams were doing great but after 35 minutes it was looking shaky for Dolvett and the red team. Rob was the only one of his team hanging on, but he dropped the rope and sent Dolvett into the pool. That means the red team loses Dolvett all week. The white team was the next to go, sending Jen into the drink. They’ll only be able to work out with her at the Last-Chance Workout. The blue team gets Jessie all week.

At Comeback Canyon, Bob set up an obstacle course for Gina and Matt. But instead of working individually, he made them work as a team, which helped Matt’s “lone wolf” tendencies and helped Gina gain confidence in difficult circumstances.

Comeback Canyon Weigh-In

Would Gina be able to out-lose Matt this week? Would she hit One-derland? Well, no, on the One-derland part — she lost 3 pounds. She was disappointed but Bob gave her a reality (show) check: “In the real world if you lost 3 pounds we’d be celebrating, right? But we’re on The Biggest Loser and 3 pounds could send you home.” Surprisingly, Matt lost 2 pounds, so Gina won another week with Bob, continuing the pattern of the new person getting to stay another week.

Ranch Weigh-In

The blue team won the challenge — would they be able to win the weigh-in, too?

Red Team

  • Rob: 9
  • Jordan: 7
  • Scott: 7
  • Blake: 5 (One-derland!)

Blue Team

  • Lori: 5
  • Jackie: 2
  • Damien: 5

White Team

  • JJ: 7
  • Toma: 4
  • Woody: 4
  • Rondalee: 2
  • Sonya: 6

Here’s the unexpected thing — The team that didn’t have their trainer all week won the weigh-in while the team that had their trainer all week lost. It’s actually a great lesson for the contestants that they can motivate themselves and others. The blue team lost, and Jackie went below the red line, so she’ll be joining Bob and Gina at Comeback Canyon.

Matt’s Update

Matt has lost 114 pounds but gained something — a fiancee! Since he got back, he proposed to his longtime girlfriend, and we all got to watch.

What to Expect Next Week

Vegas, baby! The contestants head to Sin City and someone (JJ) hits the buffet tables hard … or at least that’s what the promo wants us to believe.

Were you surprised that Gina beat Matt in the Comeback Canyon weigh-in? —Gail

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