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Eat Your Way to Gorgeous With These Beauty Foods

Credit: dermatology.com, Flickr.

Credit: dermatology.com, Flickr.

We run for our hearts, lift heavy objects to build strength, and contort ourselves into crazy positions to keep our beautiful bods bendy, but what about its wrapper?
Skin is the largest organ of the human body, yet it probably gets the least attention. Beauty isn’t skin deep and neither is the health of your dermis. To promote a healthy glowing complexion, put those fancy creams and lotions aside and head to the kitchen instead for some beauty foods!

Carrots are a great beauty food! Credit: swong95765, Flickr.

To naturally keep those cheeks looking rosy, eat carrots or any veggie rich in beta-carotene. Beta-carotene is the chemical that gives brightly colored vegetables (and your cheeks) their vibrant hue. Carrots, sweet potatoes, pumpkin, kale and spinach are all super sources.
Studies show that those who exhibit more red in their skin tone appear more attractive to others. No need to overdose on the carotenoids, a single daily serving of beta-carotene can improve skin texture and give it that healthy glow.
Star fruit taste like combination of pineapple and pear.

Star fruit taste like a combination of pineapple and pear.

As we age, nature takes its toll and our once firm skin wrinkles and begins to sag. Vitamin C not only helps to rebuild diminishing collagen stores but also fights off damaging free radicals.
Push Mother Nature back by consuming vitamin C-rich fruits like guava, papaya and kiwi, as well as vegetables like broccoli, yellow peppers and kale.
Credit: Almond Board of California. com

Almonds are a gorgeous go-to snack. Credit: Almond Board of California. com

Dehydration is one of the skin’s worst enemies. Make sure to drink plenty of H2O and don’t skimp on the vitamin E. Nuts, especially almonds, make a convenient snack and are one of the best sources. Vitamin E nourishes the skin and helps retain moisture.
Fish’s omega 3 fatty acids have been shown to play a major role in skin care. Fish oil acts as a powerful anti-inflammatory and has anti-oxidant qualities that combat acne, dry skin and aging.
Choose fish that is high in omega 3s, like salmon, mackerel or tuna, and aim for three 4-ounce servings a week.
Try the new savory yogurt for a change.

Try the new savory yogurt for a beauty-food change of pace.

Tucked away on the inside, those internal organs work hard to keep our hide in tip-top shape. Clogged intestines lead to clogged pores and yogurt, fermented foods and fiber help the body eliminate toxic waste. Keep the system in good working order and your skin will thank you with better clarity and fewer breakouts.
We’ve all heard that true beauty comes from within — and your skin couldn’t agree more. Feed it right and let it shine for you!
What’s your beauty secret? —Karen

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