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Fast and Flawless Makeup Tips From iheartmakeup92

I’ve loved makeup for as long as I can remember. I played around with punk rock-inspired eye shadow palettes when I was … well, probably too young to be playing around with punk rock-inspired anything. (Don’t worry — my mom never let me leave the house with it on, much to my chagrin.) I’ve done many of my friends’ makeup for their weddings, enjoy trying out different looks on my own face, and I seriously love watching video tutorials online.

I can only imagine how much better my punk rock look would’ve been if YouTube had been around 20-odd years ago.

Anyway, one of the hottest (seriously — more than 575k subscribers!) YouTube beauty vloggers out there right now, Liz Meghan (aka iheartmake92), agreed to share a few of her tips for using make up to help you look every bit as beautiful and polished as you feel … even when you’ve only got a few minutes in the ladies’ locker room to make it happen for Be-YOU-tiful Week.


On Getting Ready in a Jiffy

If you’re in a rush to get to work (or class, as is the case in this iheartmakeup92 video tutorial!) but don’t want to look like you were in a rush, Liz Meghan suggests focusing on starting with a clean face, light moisturizer and lightweight foundation. “Be sure to apply the foundation with a foundation brush rather than your fingers to get amazing coverage that really keeps the foundation smooth and even all over your face, [and] remember that you need to select a foundation color that doesn’t look like foundation is even on your face,” she says.

“If you are a workout goddess who enjoys the outdoors, your skin tone will be a bit darker from the sun, so try to match your foundation color well so it doesn’t stand out from your normal skin tone. (I might suggest applying your foundation initially in real, outdoor/window sunlight to see what it looks like. My makeup area is flooded with real daylight from the sun outside my window.”

If you’re having a “shower didn’t take” situation or just know you’re going to be getting a little sweaty, she loves Revlon Colorstay. “This foundation dries quickly and help absorb extra moisture on the face. It sets fast and dries to a smooth matte finish. This would really help with that post-workout moisture on your face. It stays put. It can handle the sweating and still looks great!”

All the Right Final Touches

She recommends moving on to the eyes next. “Once your foundation is on and blended well, start with applying eyeliner along the lash line. Just a quick, thin line, blended evenly. You probably don’t need anything too bold there if you are heading to work. Once that is on and in place, you can apply a neutral eye shadow on the outer 2/3 of your upper eyelid. The darker shade would be placed into the crease area and blended to create some depth to the eye, but the lid should not be too dark, especially since this is a work environment. A blending brush for your eye makeup is a must have.

“Of course the final touch on the eyes is the all important mascara. Select a mascara that you like, one that goes on and stays on without clumping or flaking all over your face all day. I don’t think you need a waterproof mascara, but just one you love. I often use multiple layers to get a really full and long look.

“My final out-the-door touch is applying my bronzer with my fluffy bronzer brush. I put it over the apple of my cheek and blend it back toward my hairline. The big brush allows for amazing blending and creates a very natural look.”

And don’t forget your lips! Liz Meghan’s statement piece right now is a matte lip color — you can watch her tutorial on that here. “Find a lip color you love and that works well for you. Matte colors are great. There are a ton of long-wear lip colors and stains that are really nice and look amazing!”

Need more instruction on the actual application? Take a gander at the Iheartmakeup92 YouTube channel. She’s got everything from a basic makeup look (here’s her everyday tutorial) to tips for making your eyes pop to how she manages her struggle with acne. And, don’t worry — she’s got a video for those bold lips, too.

Now, even though her favorite fall trend is a bold lip, she recommends going with what you’re into, regardless of what the fashion mags say. “Take your style and rock it. Wear it confidently and love being who you are! Makeup is fun, but it doesn’t define YOU! You are unique, so do what you love. There is no right or wrong way to wear make-up or fashion. If YOU love it, wear it, and ROCK it!”

Her final advice for makeup newbies is simple: “Just keep trying it until you create the look you love and love the look you create!”

Do you have a favorite beauty trend, or one you’d like to try? Share in the comments! And be sure to look for Liz Meghan on YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and more! —Kristen

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