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Fitness Doesn’t “Look” a Certain Way

Super fit young woman showing off her perfect muscular abs.

Do you guys remember those Choose Your Own Adventure books? The ones where you got to, page by page, make decisions and watch as the book’s plot took you here, there and everywhere based on what you wanted to do? There was no right or wrong way to go — rather just what you wanted to do.

Well, I kind of see fitness that way. Hang with me here for a sec …

So often — and especially nowadays —  there are some strong opinions on what the ideal woman should look like (from this ridiculousness to the single-minded emphasis on muscles alone). And you get these messages from the web, social media memes, articles, friends and just, like, everywhere it seems. And, you know, that conveniently fits into the one-size-fits-all approach/magic-bullet to weight-loss and health: do this and you shall reap the benefits of everyone liking you and finding you attractive!

But, guys, it doesn’t work. (Hence, our, ahem, product plug, ahem, Anti-Diet.) And, it’s super duper limited.

I like to think of fitness instead as a Choose Your Own Adventure book. Your goal is to be active and healthy. And on your journey, you get to pick all the workouts and healthy foods YOU want to do along the way. Some will work out. Some will suck. Some will get you results you love. Some won’t. Some will just be really fun and tasty. There’s no right way; there’s no wrong way. It’s all a part of your adventure!

Take for example us FBGs … I tend to like the intense stuff but am far, far from the fittest at my gym. Erin squeezes in what she can, when she can (and is a mean Zumba-er), Tish rocks bootcamp like a champ, and Kristen considers a swim, bike and run to be a fun time.

Is any of us more fit than one another? Nope. We all have our strengths and weaknesses — but that’s not the point. What is the point is that each of us are regularly getting our fitness on in a way that works for us — and, most importantly, that we enjoy. There’s no “fit” ideal we’re trying to stack up against or look like. We’re just doing what we do. And loving it.

So the next time you’re wishing you looked like this or feeling like you’re not fit because you can’t do a pull-up or run a half marathon, remember that fit doesn’t “look” a certain way at all. Fitness is about being active, and finding the joy in moving your body. So pick the activities you love, do them often and celebrate what your body can do for you. It’s not about all of those fitness trends and what the rest of the fitness world is saying — it’s about YOU!

What fitness adventure do you chose and what does it do for you and your body? —Jenn

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