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Fun Drinks for the Mommy-to-Be: Momosas!

It’s not like I was a total lush before getting pregnant, but I certainly liked my wine … and my sangria … and my cocktails. A bit of a self-proclaimed foodie, my love of all things hand-crafted naturally carried over to my drink selections. I was always wanting to try the hottest new cocktail or go to a wine tasting or even sip on a little tequila.

As y’all know, this hobby has not translated to pregnancy for obvious reasons. And I’m a little more than five months into my nine-month drinking hiatus. (Love you, baby girl!)

On the whole, I haven’t missed alcohol that much. Most of the time I’m fine to sip on water or tea. But, I’ll admit that going out to bars and restaurants isn’t quite as exciting, and there are moments when I really, really miss wine. And, you know, when you’re celebrating a twice-in-a-lifetime baseball win in your city, taking shots of kombucha with chia is fun, but, well, not as fun as shots of other things.

So when this book landed on my doorstep, it felt like divine mommy intervention! Yes, Momosas! This book was so made for me.


With everything from Punchless Piña Coladas and Virgin Banana Daiquiris, to smoothies, shakes, sparklers and spritzes, this book is filled with non-alcoholic drinks that are actually fun — and delicious — without being too sweet. (Is it just me or do all other non-alcoholic drinks just seem like all sugar?)

And I tried three of them! All of which I LOVED. First, I tried Nana-gria, from page 64. Made from black tea, pomegranate juice, orange juice and club soda plus slices of lemon, lime, orange and apple, this did taste kinda like sangria (the tannins in the tea help recreate the wine taste). Making it was fun, drinking it was fun, and eating the fruit in it was super fun. Plus, there was lots to share since it made a whole pitcher!


I also tried the Boo-Boo Berry (fun names, eh?) from page 33. A blender drink made of only blueberries, club soda, honey, ice and lemon juice, I LOVED this one (even if it did beg to have rum added to it). It was filling, fruity, fresh and lightly sweet. Loved it! I imagine it would be fabulous by a pool or with strawberries or mango swapped in for the blueberries!


Lastly, I made Mama’s Night Out from page 134, which was my fave. A true cocktail! I even got to bust out my martini shaker and grenadine …


Simple but with great flavor, you shake one part grapefruit juice with one part apple juice with ice, pour into a fun glass, add a dash of grenadine for a sunset effect and then garnish with an apple slice. Besides looking fabulous and fancy, this one tastes great. I highly, highly recommend, mamas!


I swapped out the regular apple juice for apple cider we already had in the fridge and garnished with two apple slices for extra apple awesome. Even my husband loved it. This may become a regular staple in our house …


Oh, and in case you want to whip up a Momosas recipe of your own, we have two to share straight from the book!


If you’re a mom-to-be who misses happy hour like I do (even though you know it’ll all be totally worth it, of course!), you gotta check this book out. SO FUN.

Pregnant peeps: Do you miss alcohol? —Jenn

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