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No Rest For The Wicked: How Do You Know You’re Overtraining?

There is nothing more exciting to behold than the eager soul trying to change her life for the better, but I start to worry when I see someone going at it for hours a day; every day. This is when I start to question if overtraining is occurring. There are so many conflicting messages out there. Some say there’s no way to overtrain. They embrace multiple workouts in a day and look to professional athletes as examples. Others believe your body only needs 30 minutes to an hour (or less). It can all get really confusing — and it all depends on so many factors like genetics, training, intensity and nutrition.

With something this important I figured it was a good idea to give some facts to help you avoid burn out …  or worse! (Click on the overtraining infographic below or here to see it larger — and feel free to save and share it!)

Infographic Overtraining585Remember, we’re all about healthy, active lifestyles! There’s nothing healthy or great about breaking your body down and treating it terribly. I was once in the gym resting between sets. A woman who I believe could be an overtrainer approached me and told me to keep going; that pain is the only way to see results. I would have given her a swift kick in her workout pants if I wasn’t intentionally resting.

Yes, a level of discomfort should be expected during your workout, but you shouldn’t feel miserable. You should feel great and energetic upon finishing. You should sleep well and go through your day with more gusto. That’s the point of a healthy lifestyle, right? To do the things we love? Be kind to yourself! Let your body rest. I promise you and your workouts will be better for it!

Ever suffered from overtraining? Wondering if you currently are? What led you to realize you needed the breather more than you needed the extra set? —Tish

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  1. Sagan says:

    I like this! Overtraining is such a tricky one. I find it especially challenging when I get excited about several new workouts at the same time – definitely important to figure out a good balance.

  2. Stephanie says:

    Oh Lord, I want to smack that woman who reproached you for resting. Ridiculous! Don’t get me wrong, I love me some good pain, but there’s a limit. I can feel when I need a rest day. I just feel… bad. It always amazes me how much better my workouts are after a day off!

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