Pregnancy: The New Marathon (Plus, a Pregnancy Workout for the First Trimester!)

I remember when I finally decided I was ready to start trying to get pregnant. I mockingly strutted into the gym that my husband manages and said, “This could be my last round of workouts for a long, long time!” See, even FBGs can have clueless moments about pregnancy and fitness. My husband Mark laughed at me (very similar to this) and assured me I could totally keep working out and should keep working out once I was pregnant. Yeah, looking back this was a numb-nuts moment for me. I was very aware of a little ol’ site called Fit Bottomed Mamas, but somehow I still managed to be clueless. Silly girl, fitness tricks are for (FBM) chicks!

There is, of course, a back story to how I arrived at that silly logic. It all went back to my first job in high school. One of the women I worked with (who wasn’t that active pre-baby) freaked at the fact that she was pregnant and didn’t want to gain weight so she started an intense workout routine. Unfortunately, her pregnancy ended in a miscarriage. Back then I wasn’t aware of consistent fitness, and I didn’t know if you worked out pre-pregnancy that you could continue. I just associated fitness with vanity and miscarriage, and it terrified me. Fortunately, my husband knew better.

I asked him if he’d create workouts for my first trimester; workouts that would challenge me without destroying me. Because for me, I lost ALL THE ENERGY pretty early on in my pregnancy (like five weeks in). I couldn’t keep up with my old schedule at all. There’s a definite balance. Luckily, Mark has worked with expecting mothers for many moons.

This was my very first workout after finding out I was pregnant. There are slight tweaks to moves I’ve done in the past … some moves were too intense, but weights and cardio are still friends I can rely on, which is awesome considering I look at workouts as prevention against injury and death. I’m a morbid person. When I trained for a marathon, I was dedicated to those training schedules because I knew when people tried to run marathons without proper balanced training, it’s a recipe for injury. I apply the same logic to pregnancy: I shall train and prepare my body so that when that day comes I make it as easy for my body as possible to give birth and recover!

As always, check with your doctor to make sure you’re healthy enough to exercise!

First Trimester Pregnancy Workout


Were you misinformed/paranoid about pregnancy workouts in the first trimester? —Tish

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  1. Emily P says:

    Congrats Tish! How exciting that the Fit Bottomed family keeps growing! It’s great to see that you’re continuing your workouts. I attended group fitness classes at my gym all the way up to a few days before each of my kids were born.

  2. Tish says:

    Thanks Emily! What classes were you taking?! I’m all ears! 🙂

  3. Emily P says:

    The classes were the same ones I was taking before my pregnancy and I made modifications as my pregnancy progressed. My favorites were a circuit class (mix of strength and cardio, 10-12 stations) and yoga.

  4. chanelle says:

    Congratulations! I worked out with all four of my pregnancies and I felt like it really helped me to lose the weight after baby. They say it makes labor and delivery easier too, which makes sense- labor is a hugely intense workout itself!