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7 Pregnancy Workouts I’ve Been Doing

One of my main goals for my pregnancy workouts is to switch things up — and embrace as many as I can, gently and as my body allows. I’ve been waiting to be pregnant for sooo long that I’ve literally spent years wishing that I was the one with a bump and the yoga mat headed to that prenatal yoga class or popping in that pregnancy workout DVD at home. And now, I finally am! Guys, even when I have heart burn and need to pee for the hundredth time that day, it feels good. It feels SO darn good to be working out with my bump. I’m just taking it all in!

These days there are so many great pregnancy workouts out there, and I thought it would be fun to share some of the pregnancy workouts I’ve been doing. I still have plenty more to try, but so far, these are my absolute faves — and there’s a little something for pregnant women of all exercise abilities! (Remember to listen to that body and talk to your doc about what’s right for you, of course.)


7 Must-Do Pregnancy Workouts

1. Prenatal yoga classes at a studio. I  found a yoga studio super close to me that offers a weekly prenatal yoga class and it’s been fabulous. My weeks are pretty busy with work and preparing for baby (books, nursery, house prep, ahhh!), so this is a wonderful weekly ritual where I go chill out for an hour with other moms-to-be. Not only does it stretch out my body, reduce a lot of back discomfort, relax me and give me an hour of uninterrupted connection with my baby, but it also gives me the chance to make new mom friends. And we know how important those are.

2. Jessica Smith’s YouTube workouts. YouTube is about the best thing since sliced bread when it comes to pregnancy workouts. There are a ton of free ones online, but one of my faves is a series Jessica Smith did. Jessica is such a sweetheart, and these pregnancy workout vids are pretty much the perfect 15- and 20-minute workouts to hit all three areas of fitness: strength, cardio and flexibility.  

3. Bootcamp/CrossFit. I’ve been doing high-intensity CrossFit-style workouts for years now at my gym The Fit Pit, and I love them. So, naturally, I’m keeping that fire alive by continuing to do them — just at a much-reduced intensity, weight and impact level. Check out my most recent pregnancy workout modifications here. If you were doing bootcamp-type classes before you got pregnant, I highly recommend keeping them going as you can!

4. Sarah Haley’s Expecting More workout DVD. We’re Sara Haley fans here, and her pregnancy workout DVD is great for the fit lady who just happens to be knocked up. With six different workouts, a calendar to help you figure out what to do during all three trimesters and a Q&A, this workout DVD has a total of 230 minutes of awesome content that’s a great mix of challenging and doable!

5. Prenatal fitness classes at a rec center. Okay, so I haven’t technically done this pregnancy workout yet, but I’m looking forward to it and I have high hopes! An awesome reader (hi, Josie!) is teaching Prenatal Fit classes at a local rec center and invited me to come check it out. Targeted to help you feel more comfortable and help with labor and delivery, it sounds right up my alley. Plus, more mom friends!

6. Baby on Board prenatal yoga DVD. I’m doing my hour-long live yoga class once a week, but throughout the week I like to pop in this prenatal yoga DVD for a quick fix. Not really a workout per se, it’s great for connecting with baby, relaxing, stretching and just getting the body feeling good and centered. It’s a little cheesy in sections, but with two 20-ish minute pregnancy workouts, it’s been a favorite of mine since the beginning of my pregnancy.

7. Walking and jogging. As I get farther in my pregnancy, my usual normal daily walk with my pup is beginning to feel more like a workout than an active break in my day. And I love it! I get out and walk her for about 15 to 25 minutes almost every day, and when I’m feeling energetic, I add in some jogging, too. Just feels good to get out, especially when the weather is nice. (Plus, I’m embracing my final few months before I always have a stroller in tow!)

Are there more pregnancy workouts I want to try? Of course! Up next for me are the workout DVDs: element Prenatal & Postnatal Yoga, 10-Minute Solution Prenatal Pilates and we heart yoga Prenatal Flow. I also plan to get on the TreadClimber more once the weather cools down and it’s no longer ideal walking/jogging weather.

What pregnancy workouts do you/did you love? —Jenn

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