Best Workout Songs of the 1980s: You Tell Us!

If you’ve been reading us for any period of time, you won’t be surprised to know that we really love the music of 80s. Like, a lot.

There are so many great choices! Between the amazing songs from powerful movie soundtracks to the hits that inspired aerobics-themed music videos, the options are nearly endless. Which is great, but also? It makes it tough to say, definitively, which song is the best workout song of the 80s.

Until now, that is.

best 80s songs

We’re undertaking a pretty bitchin’ project, and we need your help. We want to determine, once and for all, which song was the best workout song of the 1980s by asking our readers and fans to cast their votes.

The first step: Fill out this survey (and share it with your fellow fit friends!), selecting up to 10 total songs from the entire survey. (Yes, it will allow you to choose more, but please don’t — we’ll just have to arbitrarily remove your additional choices, so, you know, don’t do it. We thank you in advance.)

From there, the fun really begins. We’ll use your votes to select which songs make the playoffs (and how they’re seeded), and beginning early next year, we’ll post polls putting various songs head to head. By spring, we will have a winner!

So, what do you say? Are you game? It’ll only take a few minutes (unless you use this as an opportunity to fall down a wormhole of 80s awesomeness by searching the music videos for your favorite songs … not that we did any of that while putting this together, of course), and the result is gonna be rad.

The songs on the survey were pulled from the top 20 songs of the year on the Billboard Chart for each year from 1980 to 1989. You’ll have the option to write in up to three other songs, but please, before you do, make certain they were actually out in the 1980s. Not in 1990 (like Ice, Ice Baby). Spoiler: There may be a chance at a future date for those 90s songs to have a day in the sun, so, you know. Take a chill pill.

Oh! And we’ll be randomly selecting a winner from everyone who completes the survey and provides their information. You could win a shirt, a book, a DVD or something else totally tubular.

Click here to take the survey!

And once you’ve done so, feel free to come back here and leave a little love in the comments for your fave ’80s tunes! —Kristen

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  1. Melissa Haynes says:

    Oh gosh! My head just about exploded with all the choices. How dare you make me choose just 10 out of that mountain of awesome music. Or was it not awesome and I just think so because it was the soundtrack of my teenage years??