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Biggest Loser Season 16 Week 11 Recap: Be Free, Butterfly!

biggest loser damien woody

Damien got a second chance at Comeback Canyon and ran with it. Credit: Trae Patton/NBC

SPOILER ALERT!* We’re recapping tonight’s The Biggest Loser episode (get all the recaps here!), so avert your eyes if you don’t want to know what happened.

So, like a lot of America (at least east of the Mississippi) I missed the first 20 minutes of the show because the president was speaking. There was some sort of sand-based challenge. But the big goal for the remaining eight contestants was that if they all could total a 50-pound weight loss, no one would be eliminated. After their challenge, they helped that along with an additional 10-pound advantage, so they only had to lose 5 pounds per person to meet that goal.

At Comeback Canyon, Bob had two fierce competitors in Damien and Rondalee. Even though Damien is a Super Bowl champ, Bob thought that Rondalee could hold her own.

Quote of the Week

From Bob: “I need to be smellin’ some fat burnin’ up in here right now.”

At the ranch, the trainers gave each contestant a butterfly to set free after they stated their intention from here on out. It was an emotional moment for all of them, and everyone intended to fight to the end and to celebrate their success in weight loss. “When I release this butterfly, it’s a new Woody,” Woody said. He also dedicated his butterfly release to his late wife. It was the one-year anniversary of her death and his teammates, as well as his trainer, Jessie, were helping him deal with the moment. Click here for a clip of Woody and Jessie that some of the country may have missed.

Comeback Canyon Weigh-In

Rondalee lost 4 pounds and got to a weight that she hadn’t seen in eight years. Damien knocked off 11 pounds and got to a weight that he hadn’t seen since — get this — middle school! Rondalee was really emotional to be sent home.

Ranch Weigh-In

If they all hit that 50-pound goal, no one goes home, but if they don’t, there’s a yellow line and someone will get voted off. How’d they do?

  • Sonya: 3 (One-derland!)
  • Jordan: 4
  • JJ: 3
  • Woody: 2
  • Lori: 2
  • Rob: 1
  • Toma: Plus 1 (yep, he gained a pound)
  • Scott: 0

Listen, in the real world, all these weights would be perfectly great (except for the gain and the goose egg). I have no idea what happened this week in the kitchen, but the losses were really small. Maybe they wanted to eliminate someone? Were they all plateauing? Who knows.


Scott and Toma were up for elimination, and the votes went back and forth between the two. Ultimately, Scott got four votes and was sent to join his NFL buddy at Comeback Canyon.

Rondalee’s Update

Rondalee is down 91 pounds and in One-derland. She is also pursuing her dream of becoming a nurse — something she had put on hold so she could compete on The Biggest Loser. She’s also showing off her volleyball prowess at her high school alma mater and keeping up with girls a decade younger than her.

What to Expect Next Week

Too much food and too much football! That’s right, there’s no Biggest Loser next week, so take it easy on the pie. The show will be back on Thursday, Dec. 11.

How do you deal with weight-loss plateaus? —Gail

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  1. Deanna says:

    When I hit a plateau I always try to switch it up. So if I’ve been consistently exercising every day for 30 minutes by walking or riding my stationary bike. I’ll take a day off and then jump on the elliptical for 30 – 45 minutes every other day. I also look at what I’ve been eating, I tend to watch my calories, but eat the same thing every day for breakfast and lunch. With that, I’ll switch up my breakfast and lunch options too. Normally doing that for a week or two will help jump start me and get me over that hump.

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